Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The whole famn damily!

The enire ER household is present and accounted for, for the first time in months! The cast of charactrers:

ER -- Erudite Redneck, stiving to get house in Oklahoma ready to put on the market, and find a job in the Denver area, probably early next year, it looks like now.

Dr. ER -- Dr. Erudite Redhead, Ph.D., who high-tailed it out of here in April to Boulder, Colo., for a great job, and even more remunerative already, after only three months.

Bird -- My redheaded redneck stepgal, Dr. ER's natural born kiddo, age 21 and a senior at Oklahoma State University in sociology.

YankeeBeautrothed (thanks for the idea, Nick!) -- Bird's fiance, 22, fixing to be 23, also a senior at Oklahoma State, in history.

Riker -- my stepdog, the regal and refined Pembroke Welsh corgi, age 12.

Bailey -- my biological dog, the artarded wieinie dog, who lives in a short yellow doghouse (not really, but he should), age 7.

Ice-T -- my cat. Not the family cat. He's MY cat. He hisses at Bird, ignored YankeeBeautrothed and tolerates The Lady (Dr. ER).

Jambalaya and Etouffee -- my hermit crabs, a recent gift from Bird and YankeeBeautrothed.

Apollo -- My granddog, YankeeBeautrothed and Bird's primary dog, a Boston terrier, age 4.

Fenway -- My granddog, YankeeBeautrothed and Bird's auxiliary dog, also a Boston terrier, age 19 months.

Ortiz -- My grandhamster, YankeeBeautrothed and Bird's recent acquisition, named for Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz.

A dozen smies for the dozen of us in the ER household!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Ignore the blog and play with the mob.
Whaddaya think I'm doing -- on top of hauling 1,700 pounds of gravel to the back yard as part of my mission to give a "floor" to a shed thing; plus another ton of topsoil, and tilling and fertilizing and seeding more bermudagrass -- and Bird and YB have been cleaning and polishing the kitchen cabinets and replacing rhe drawer pulls and door knobs.

Ane we all got lists of more things to do. I got more gravel to haul. More topsoil to haul, and 4-inch annual ryegrass to seed in a totally shadey spot; and a fence to take down and pull up; and bushes and vines to trim. Bird and YB have an arbor and window box to paint, screens to wash, and they are gonna totally scrub the front entry.

This a workin' week "off" for me and the fam. Dr. ER has "failed upward" and into more work that has a deadline but could mean major bucks to her employer. Oh, and Bailey has to go have his stitches taken oyut and he and Riker are due for shots.

BUT, entertainment plans include the Harry Potter movie, the Simpsons movie, bowling and An Activity at the Mall that Must Not Be Named to which I Will Merely Quietly Acquiesce.
Does Mr. Phentermine give you a mean mouth? The Spawn tell me that I have a mean mouth when I'm on the Ph with the ain't hongreee.

I mean, what else would make you call Sweet Bailey artarded with a short bus joke?

Have a great time with the crew!
Ha! Mr. Phentermine can make me unusually impatient and easily distracted, but I don't need no pill to give me a sometimes-mean mouth.

(You know what I've noticed though? When you take Mr. Phentermine with you to a desk job, he can make you all jittery and stuff. But when you take him to haul topsoil, or gravel, and spend hours doing hard labor, why, he just goes along with ya for the ride, keeping you all steady-as-she goes.)

Abd Bailey *is* sweet and wuvvable and devoted -- and dumber'n ary a stump. :-)
Glad to see you're having a good time with the clan.

Just curious, are Jambalaya and Etouffee comfortable with those names? ;)
They get skittish whenever they hear my rattling pots and pans!
Sounds cool, ER! I'm glad you're enjoying having your family home.
So how long's this family gathering going to last? When do you have to go back to bein' the lonesome cowpoke?

Also, are you at the house? I need to bounce some ideas off you, so just let me know which addy is best. You can send me a note, if'n ya want. imteditor@gmail.com
"Dr. ER has "failed upward" and into more work that has a deadline but could mean major bucks to her employer."

Would you expect otherwise? Exceptional people attract and consort with exceptional people.
1,700 pounds of gravel? Please affirm that you bought a wheel barrow.
I have secured the loan of a wheelbarrow from a neighbor.

First up today: remove second 1,700-pound (one scoop on a front-end loader) load from pickup -- seven wheelbarrow loads (13 shovels full per wheelbarrow).

I will be BUFF before this place is fixed up! am using muscles that have been dormant for years.
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