Monday, May 07, 2007


Rocky Mountain high

Looky. Now, yer talkin'. Just dreamin' here, y'all. But that's the point: I'm imaginin' livin' in Colorado.

First time. Today.

Now, this place is 30 miles and 50 minutes or so from where Dr. ER works. It's about 60 miles and 75 minutes from where I think I might wind up workin' (long shot, though.) Oh, and both of those are on dry roads.

But hey. I can see it.

I can see it.

If y'all knew how I simply haven't been able to imagine living in Colorado -- well, I've just been havin' hell trying to imagine it.

I even got the dang Rockies game on in the other room. Jine me in a lil celebratin'. A virtual Coors to one and y'all! :-)


Good! One step at a time. Sometimes you have to believe it before you see it. Imagination is a good tool.
Oooh--that's a sweet little cabin! One look at that picture and I could positively smell the pines. Yummm.

Any idea what the elevation is there? Don't forget to imagine snow!
I went to college in Colorado and loved every single minute of it. You'll find that even if you get out of the city every single weekend, it'll take you years just to see all the fabulous places just in Colorado, never mind Wyoming, Montana, Utah, etc.

Go get yourself Rocky Muntain high, ER.
Um, elevation? In plains-speak, it is up there a ways. It's north of BlackHawk, about 20 miles northwest of Golden. Wouldn't it be cool? :-)
Definitely cool--literally and figuratively!

I looked up the cabin's addy on Mapquest and noticed it's near Golden Gate Canyon state park (went here ans used the drop-down menu on the left), which lists cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as possible activities.
Makes my knees hurt. But a little easy hikin' and just sittin' on the front porch with a book and ceegar sounds real good. (I don't think Golden has outlawed smokin' yet).
Surprised the heck out of me when I first tried it, but snowshoeing is basically walking. So if light hiking is up your alley, you'd probably like to take a stroll on snowshoes.

The whole walking-on-snow thing is kinda neat, especially when you remember that it's just frozen water. ;-)
I'm with Trixie here, ER. One step at a time. of course, the Rocky Mountain Panther Piss in a can should be left to one side (I grew up in upstate New York where we have our own version, called Genesee; I'd rather lick an old shoe), but I like the house. Just remember - in Colorado, the weather is more interesting (snow one day, 70's the next) and you're never far from a ski slope. Good luck, bro. Keep imagining.
Doing some "imagining" of my own, in a shorter time frame. Check out my blog for details: Trixie's Home
There are hundreds if not thousands of niches that ER and Dr. ER could fit in along the piedmont around Boulder. I once had an acquaintance that bought 8 acres at the end of the road in one of the mountain valleys above Colorado Springs. He stuck a two beadroom trailer on some pilings on the high hillside away from the stream that ran through his property. He bought it solely because he had noticed that two beavers had started a damn on the stream on the property. He spent 10 plus years there watching the beavers finish the damn, create a colony,and build another damn. All the while living happily in a run down trailer (and fighting of the county and State governments that considered his beaver to be pest).
I can imagine you doing something like that. Close you eyes. Can't you?
The trick might be getting' Dr. ER to see alternatives. I get the feeling she's thinkin' suburbs. Like hell. No way. I've had it with suburbia. I want an extreme. Even an urban extreme would beat another suburb. But I'd prefer a mountain.
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