Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Snot-slinging, spit-spewing, head-aching, ears-ringing, nose-burning, tummy-roiling SICK.

Day 2. It hit Sunday evening. Dr. ER said my system, which held out remarkably well throughout Mama ER's hospitalization and decline, finally turned loose because now *I* can be sick. Makes sense to me.

EXACERBATED by George W. Bush's speech today before the American Legion. To hear him try to spin Walter Reed is not helping my stomach.


I mean, I haven't even had pants on since Sunday night. Real pants. Got some kind of sleepin' drawers on that I never cared for before.
Great. The president's on TV.

For the sonofabitch to turn utter shame of Walter Reed into a pep rally for his effed up foreign policy makes me want to puke. ... not that I don't want to today anyway.

God let ONE Dem stand up today and call him the disgrace he is.

Impeach Bush-Cheney Now.
I know. I couldn’t believe it when NPR woke me up this morning. I think the answer is to have Cheney’s blood clot treated at Walter Reed. After the infections kill him, then we impeach Bush.
I purposely did *not* turn on NPR this morning because I was afraid the Walter Reed stuff was all they'd be talking about, and it just makes me ill to hear about it.

Hope you feel better soon, ER. And, hope your sleeping drawers are flannel--them's the best kind when a body's feeling sickly.
The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Let's not treat Dick C. in the same place as our soldiers. No need to contaminate them more than they are.

I pray that Cheney will stay alive. Otherwise he won't be available to be impeached.

When Cheney "resigns" for health reasons they will try to install Condie as VP so as to set her up for a clear run in 2008.

Bret Hume FOX News on the Walter Reed story: "...This is unfortunate. It looks terrible, which is the problem. The problem is that it looks as if this administration, which has sent troops into harm’s way, is now neglecting them when they’re injured and need care and help. .....The administration did what it did to try to get it over with, and it may well have succeeded."

ER if you want to get well, turn off the news channels.
Hey, I switched to CMT. The Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready to Make Nice" song and vid was a great antidote.
Didn't take.

Bush makes U.S. Grant's Quaker Peace Policy, and its corrupt execution, look positively brilliant.
Maybe this will take your mind off things:

Oops--forgot to cut that URL in half. Here's the bit after the ?:

Well my fuzzy faced friend, I am
sur sorry you done took to yur
sick bed. I wuz fraid ya might.

You are very welcome, if I didn't
say so before. I think may be I
go fired so I could be with all of
you. I feel very blessed to have
been there with all of you. It
wasn't as if I liked the job any

GP it was great to meet you. ER
is blessed with lots of good
friends. I am sure he won't mind
me saying so.

Dr ER, I am sorry I didn't get to
visit more with you. Hope you are
healing up well.
I think "we" picked up a bad ass bug in Okla... I was down 3 days and nights starting Fri.. Only did the have to do stuff on Monday.. big big sister is blaming it on "X" sister-in-law that came down with very high temp etc the night she was by the house..
...mr big big sister...
DUDE! You got IT. The bioterrorism stuff. Have you had the, "I think I can make it from the bed to the bathroom....oooooooohhhhboy gimme a wall to slide down or I'm gonna fall flat of my face" syndrome?

I'm tellin ya, you feel like you're gonna faint. Your knees buckle, your eyes fade to black, your whole body feels like it's on fire even though you don't have much fever, and you just gotta sit down quick before you crumple up into a heap on the floor. Best thing is cold concrete outside in 20 degree weather. Crawl to it like it's an oasis in the desert. Otherwise, just lie on the bathroom floor -- if you got tile.

I'm sooooo sorry you're sick, but don't be skeert. It will eventually go away -- in 6 to 8 weeks. Except the cough.

If you start coughing up evil stuff it's time to call the doc for antibiotics. Otherwise, you're askin for pneumonia. Get the doc to give you the "good" cough medicine. Codeine, man. o

Drink lotsa fluids. And Mucinex DM.

Bioterriorism. Hang tough. Don't let the bastards win!!!!!!
Didn't Scooter's verdict pep you up any?
Tracy, yes! I felt positively drunk, and not in a good way! Doing better today, though.
Yup. You got the "dude, you're BAAAAAAD sick" stuff from the doc. The fall down stuff will come and go for a few days. Careful about trying to take a shower. The fainting spells will sneak up on ya fer a few days.

I'm sooooo sorry you got this stuff. Even so, I must selfishly confess -- every one of you who falls to bioterrorism validates that I wasn't a crazy, whiny little over-exaggerating whimp. This stuff is AAAAAWFUL. Take your drugs. Drink lotsa water. Sleep lots. I'm still having coughing spells to wake the dead.
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