Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm 7 percent StoOpid!

As seen at Trixie's. Alas, *she* is 12 percent StoOpid! Hee hee.

--ER says I'm 7% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Only because I'm smart enough not to count Pluto as a planet any more and they are too stoopid to know that.
2% stoopid!

(And I needed that diversion this afternoon, ER. Thanks.)
1% stoopid. Don't know what I missed. Interesting test.
Sorry, Trixie. I didn't count Pluto either and I got zero percent stoopid (not to brag or anything).
2% here, too bad about Pluto though (I knew it wasn't a planet anymore)I kinda miss it being a planet. Oh well life goes on.

3%. Would love to see what I missed. Anyone done the 80s challenge like this?
3 Desks Down, don't go embarrassing me that way! If it wasn't Pluto, what in the world will I have to blame? *heavy sigh* I know I didn't bury any survivors like some of my pals.
23% stupid, what's an interger? Pluto was dog! We bury survivors at Walter reed don't we? Actually I was 100% stupid! I took the test.

Pluto is a mini-planet, they say. So, I said there are 9 planets. Apparently 8 is the correct answer or I would have scored higher.
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