Thursday, March 08, 2007


Dr. ER is leaving me to take a job in Colorado!

She starts April 1 -- no foolin'.

I will follow when practical, which means when I get a &*^$% job, after we deal with our house, and ... and ... a million other things.

I don't see me going anywhere before this fall, if then -- because there's something of a possibility that we might just have two homes for awhile.

For one whose motto is "Change = bad," this is quite a challenge. I am trying not to freak out constantly, just several times a day. :-)

It's a great opportunity for her. I await something comparable! Here's hoping!

And, I might apply to grad school -- how would that be for a radical departure? I'd have to go full time.

What the heck? The cost of living there, compared to where we are now, is so much more it makes my head hurt, gives me hives and takes my breath away.

Holy crap. She kept chasin' a dang dream until she caught one -- and it's dang near giving me nightmares.

ER's Trauma Train just keeps on chuggin' ...


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Wow. Congrats to Dr. ER. That's great. But you're right, it's another major change in all your lives and coming off Mama ER's passing, it's going to be a very difficult time.

To where in Colorado? Vast difference from LaJunta to Steamboat Springs, my friend.
It's so exciting that Dr. ER caught her dream!

Given your mention of cost of living, will she be in the Denver area? I have friends and family around there, and while it's certainly pricier than OK (most places are), there's all sorts of good stuff to do.

Of course, my idea of a good time is spending a day in a bookstore like the Tattered Cover, so you might not want to take my word on that. ;-)

Just keep breathing and you'll be fine.
Yep, Denver area.

That's as precise as I want to be about it, Teditor. :-)
Good luck to both of you, and congrats to Dr. ER on getting her dream. Take care of yourself - another big life change following on the heels of Mama; prayers and good thoughts are sent your way, ER. All the best.
Personally, I always fantasized about living in CO, but only made it as far west as Illinois.
Hi ER, I have had a lot of trouble getting into this site lately. I just found out about Mama ER's passing. I am so sorry. (((hugs)))

Congratulations to Dr. ER. Its gotts be a great job to have you in such a tizzy, but its alsop the beginning of a new beginning!
Sometimes with the extra cost of living you actually get more for your money. Mountains would be the first thing that comes to my mind.

I could go back home to Indy and buy 2 houses with what my one condo cost here. It would be cheaper but there's a catch; I would have to live in Indianapolis.

Ill gladly pay the cost of living increase.
I feel your pain. I got scar tissue from just this kind of thing.
Hey man, it don't cost so much to live in the Barrio and the food's good and the culture friendly.
Se habla Espanol?
Or go North and get out on the river. It is cheaper to live on the flat in the Denver Area. Plump down a double wide. Buy a horse and a couple of cows. Get a Harley!
Go free-lance. String up a hammock!
Let ole Dr. ER Commute to where ever!
Ever look at Greeley for School?
Love the smell of sugar beets in the morning!
Just being able to talk about it is making it easier. Shoot, I've known about it for a month, but literally was not in the office at my workplace at the same time as my boss until Thursday -- and I wadn't gonna talk about it with her on the phone. So, now the cat's out at work, and on ER. I'm starting to see it now. Just.
It's self-actualization. There's less UV protection at Denver's altitude, so your neck should become positively neon. Any increase in erudition will be strictly up to you.

Oh, and condolences also. Geographic bachelorhood sucks for those not so inclined, and i suspect you're not, uxorious one.
Uxorious? I'd say I am appropriately, not overly, fond of Dr. ER -- and I'm subservient to her earning capacity, which is almost exactly twice mine, thankyouverymuch.

And yes, I hadda look up "uxorious." What a great word. Maybe it'll be on the GRE ...
ER said, "Uxorious? I'd say I am appropriately, not overly, fond of Dr. ER"

Now that's romantic. Oh WOW! Every woman wants to hear how
"appropriately" loved they are. Jeez!

If Dr. ER is rolling in the dough, let me reconsider one of my recomendations; screw the Harley, get a BMW 1200 LT (
You only live once.
Oh, hush. TStock was callin' me whipped! I'm not whipped. I'm SMART. I *did* marry up!

And no one said anybody was rollin' in any dough.
OH, E.R., E.R. We try so very hard to keep you out of trouble, and here you go saying you're appropriately, not overly, fond of Dr. E.R.

Yikes. You may be riding the short yellow doghouse to Colorado.

We can buy you books and buy you books, and what do you do? Rip off the covers and eat the pages.
What Trixie said.

And I certainly did NOT mean anything as vulgar as "whipped." I meant "doting."
You will still share in her financial fortunes while you live a state apart, but the space across your kitchen table where a companion should be and the coldness of your bed for lo! many nights still merits condolences.
Words fail sometimes. "Doting" I guess I am. But that is not "excessively" or "foolishly" fond or "submissive," which is what "uxorious" means.
You ain't gonna talk your way out this bubba! If Dr. ER finds out how you tried to defend your male ego by saying you are just "appropriately" loving her she's gonna "appropriately" whoop-up on you, and you won't have to worry about being whipped because you will have done been whumped and that's a lot worse.
No dough? Go back to the Harley idea.
Congrats! As an aspiring PhD who is dragging her husband from state-to-state, I empathize with you while I'm jealous of her.

I grew up in Montana. I currently live in Louisiana and to the cost of living is worth it because of mountains logic--B.S! Mountains don't put food on the table or pay the heating bills. All they do is cut into your wages because some people believe that mountains are a magical cure-all for societal ills and money woes. (I know people who believe that if you raise your kids in small mountain towns they are less likely to encounter drugs, drinking, violence, and the like. I scoff in their general direction. Plenty of all the bad things exist in small towns. . .)

Anyway, I am envious that you get to go west. Someday I'd like to return west rather than languish in the sultry deep south. But first I need my degree, and then I need a job. . .
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