Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Apologies are overrated

General says homosexual acts are "immoral."

Gay group says he should apologize.

Bullsnot. He should NOT.

I expect people engaged in this theater of the Culture War, on either side, to stick to their guns.

Read all about it.


Any person who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs should know that the Uniform Code of Military Justice does not have anything to do with "morality".

Also any active comissioned Officer in the U.S. military should know that when they have on their uniform and are speaking publically or to a public form such as a newspaper THEY DO NOT HAVE "PERSONAL" OPINIONS.

This officer should be retired, today immediately. He has fallen into the "Imortal" syndrom that is a fatal disease for career military.

The General is giving aid and comfort to the enemy by insisting that we go into battle with at least 10% of our capable troops unable to fight because he thinks they are immoral.

Take one of his stars away, reduce his pay, and retire him TODAY. An example must be made to maintain decorum and discipline.
Apologies are irrelavent.
Absolutely, apologies are irrelevant.

And that's exactly why he should say his piece: Now the world knows his view; and if his commander-in-chief had any balls, he'd do as you say: Can the general for putting himself and his views ahead of the good of his command.

Give 'em enough rope to hang themselves, I always say.
It does seem that the current trend is ...

"If I say I'm sorry it never happened"

Walter Reed patients may beg to differ, gays and minorities may beg to differ, and anyone else fanguloed by the current administration may beg to differ.

Even if the forced apologies were genuine, the damage has been done.

When I was a kiddo I had to say I was sorry when I screwed up too...

but I still got my ass whooped.

If his comment can save just one queer from burning in hell, it was worth it.
Actually Pate's opinion which is reflected in the "Don't Ask: Don't Tell" policy may not help with the soul's of homosexuals but it has saved a lot of their lives and limbs by excluding them from the Hell of combat in Iraq and Afganistan. Statistically that means that as we kill off our breeding pool of heterosexuals we are left with a disproportionate percentage of non-breeding homosexuals. Maybe the radical conservatives and mindless god controllers should consider that unintended consequence. Maybe "DADT" is actually a homosexual strategy to increase their influence in the population.
They have an agenda don't you know.
He also compared homosexuality to infidelity with both being immoral. Does this mean that he will denounce all of those in the military who have sex outside of the vows that they have made? What about the major political figures that have admitted to infidelity, will they be denounced as well.
Since I am a nonparticipant in homosexual activity the comparison is intriguing . Behavior not thought seems to be what he is trying to talk about.
I am glad that a major figure actually said this so the personal upbringing and distaste are in the open, so it can be talked about rather than just being that way and never changing.
Cat said: "Does this mean that he will denounce all of those in the military who have sex outside of the vows that they have made?"

Absolutely he will. Adultry is a crime (felony) under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. People are tried, convicted, and punished for the UCMJ crime of adultry every day in the military.
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