Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Alberto Gonzales: White House ho

Man, if every member of this administration who deserved to be shitcanned GOT shitcanned, the only person left standing to be acting president would be, like, an agriculture under secretary.

President Dorr!

Read all about Go-Go-Gonzalez.


Can you imagine the shock of going from Ag undersecretary to President? If I were him, it'd be enough to give me nightmares.
Kiki, :-)

CNN Breaking News: -- U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says "mistakes were made" and accepts responsibility for handling the dismissal of eight federal prosecutors.

La, di, da. One way to accept responsibility: Quit, and head back to Tejas.
I asked a while back for one an example of one instance, just one, where this administration has done anything for the country. The crickets are still chirping on that one ...
After one failed and another failing war, increasing crime rates, bankrupting the country, destroying one of the two great political parties in the world, and overseeing all sorts of massive corruption, the clock is ticking on this crew because of US Attorneys. It's kind of like getting Al Capone for tax evasion, don't you think?
Actually wouldn't the last one standing (second in line) be Pelosi?
There is a promo on the Sci-Fi Channel where this guy is standing before a bathroom mirror. Close up: He pulls on one hair on his head and it just keeps on coming. So he pulls and pulls. Long shot: He is unraveling himself.

George W. just can't leave that hair alone. He can't tell the truth, pulling on that lie over and over.

Note that the President was using and preverting the Patriot Act to get this done. The Patriot Act!
What a susprize.
Holy Shit Sherlock! Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, Dr. Radical himself, just said that this firing of the U.S. Attorneys was a total act of idiocy. Tom is on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Y'all crack me up. I got one thing the administration has done for the country, but I've been sworn to secrecy. :-)
Now here is an example of a "Good" drug prosecution by a remaining (not fired) FederalProsecutor:
"Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication"


After all this the wife of that damn liberal Clintonite, Robert Raich. Boy did they show him. This is good Republican law enforcement and compassionate conservatism at its best. This is as good as they can get.

To the barricades, citizens!
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