Sunday, February 11, 2007


'We do not pretend ...'

Invocation this morning at First Christian Church, Stillwater, Okla., where I visited:

"O God, we do not pretend to come to you with more faith than we have. We do not pretend to be more righteous than we are. We are all beggars here in search of bread. So feed us, we ask, that we would be filled on your grace and love and become more faithful followers of Jesus ..."

Great-Great-Grandpa Redneck and his wife were charter members of a Disciples of Christ church, meeting in someone's home in southern Indiana, about 15 years after the founding of the denomination, before they headed west to Indian Territory.

Somewhere along the way, the Rednecks turned Baptist, specifically Southern Baptist.

I could easily become a Disciples of Christ member:

"The Bible is our primary witness to the presence and activity of the living God in the world. It is the responsibility of each Christian to bring the text into dialogue with Christian tradition, experience and reason in understanding its authority for today."

And here, on a heavier note, is a bunch of crap I stumbled across awhile ago. It's what I get for reading a Focus on the Family newsletter. I present it as an indictment of itself. I think the internal contradictions and illogic are self-evident.

On homosexuality and gender, and the Bible.

A good friend jokingly asked me the other day, after seeing the topics of homosexuality and Christianity in this space a few times, "Are you gay?"

No. But gays are among the "least of these" in this society, and I've repented of judging them any more harshly than I judge myself or any others, and I've added my blogvoice to the growing chorus within the greater Church calling for openness.


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I see.... well that makes sense, and all this time I thought you were gay.

BTW, today I went with Bird, YankeeBeau and T. Toes, one of Bird's gay friends, to watch OSU-OU wrestling. T. Toes likes to ogle. Hey, what can I say? I ogle the cheerleaders and pompom girls! Bird was kind enough to put a few seats between T.Toes and I. 'Cause she knows that while my tolerance has grown spiritualwise, my comfort level still has a ways to go redneck-culturewise!!
Shouldn't that be "to put a few seats between T.Toes and me," O Editor? As the great gay Oscar Wilde might have said: the only way to make up for being a little politically incorrect is to be grammatically irreproachable.
TStock, I believe you are correct. And that is a *great* line.

Please forgive ER. He spent a few days in Arkansas, and folks don't come out of there with all their wits.

:-) I'm just joshin' my friend. He knows it.
Yep, especially if they have been slurping the chocolate gravey.
So you're really not gay? Crap, I had a bet riding on that.

Hell, he is not only not gay, he ain't even happy.
Ha. Y'all're crackin' yer selfs up real bad, aren't y'all? :-)
ER, don't let'em bash you.

I both admire and share your (theologically correct) stance. I wouldn't expect anything less from a fellow intellect who, too, enjoys sucking phallic symbols of his own at Maker's.

Nailed, again!
Prolly not the right phrase given the context of this link.

Do you know who was hammerin' ya?
You know what's missing out of the Bible?
"Jesus laughed...."
Luke 10:21
I'll bet it was a laugh of the hoo-haw variety! A sort of incredulous laugh borderring on a guffaw. :-)
Hey, ER. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but I seem to remember you mentioning that you like the current gov. of NM as a presidental candidate (Richardson?) and wanted to let you know that he's on Talk of the Nation today (Tuesday).
oops--forgot to mention that Talk of the Nation is a program on NPR and can be found here:

(audio will be avail. there around 5 pm central time)
Thanks, Kiki.
Luke 10:21 (King James Version)
"In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight."

Naw, joy, rejoiced, not the same thing as a laugh. Think of it this way...and then Christ chuckled. Where is that?
I think we can assume that Jesus chuckled, and rolled his eyes, quite a bit, especially when talking to Peter.
.. and he HAS to LOL at some of what his followers on the Far Right come up with. Far Left, too, for that matter.
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