Friday, February 09, 2007


Twing, twang, twung

Ah tell yew whut, spendin' purt'near two whole days in this hyear coffee shop, jus' listenin' to folks talk -- and talk *right" -- is remindin' me jus' how Midwestern Oklahoma City and environs ackshly IS.

And there was even chocolate gravy on the breakfast buffet at the cafe in Sallisaw yesterday.

I'll swan! If there was a place where an erudite redneck might could make a living, I'd move back home!


Yep, that area has a way of sticking with you--and fast.

DH and I spent a week in Harrison, Arkansas several years back. It took awhile for the twang to wear off of me when we got back home. :)
it was so good to see all of you.
getting hugs from all my dearest friends. Was like going back in time, 25 yrs.

I don't know if you all feel the
same. But seeing all of you is like
I never left.

Your body may be somewhere else.
But ER your heart will ways be
down a dirt road in Seq Co.

It was good to be able to see
Mamma ER too. I have been waiting
for her to come home.

frenzie, Harrison is a hop skip and
jump from me. I do know what you

When I lived in southern Calf. I
would go thur culter shock. It
would take me a week to get used
to being back home. Then back to
Calif. I would be waving a folks
in the car, speaking to them in
the stores. I would get some very
strange looks. Then it would
dawn on me I was not home any
more. :-)

Jeannie Diane
Seriously: what's a female red neck? A floozie? Red neck seems to refer the MEN who come from my neck of the woods. I've been called floozie and hussy all my life but not red neck. They called me floozie because they thought I had no morals.
Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" and Trace Adkins' "Chrome" are helpful in splainin' what a redneck woman might be -- although that whole standin'-in-my-front-yard-with-a baby-on-my-hip thing in "Redneck Woman" sorta irks me.

Basically, tho, same as a man: Someone who works for a living, or who comes from the workin' class -- and who hasn't got above her raisin'. She might can talk to the president one day -- but be in stands at Texas Motor Speedway, or, in the pits at the local track. Not that it's all about racin' -- it's just Bud Shootout night!
Oh, Jeanie Diane, Absolutely! Great seeing you!!!

Rumors of my being seen drinkin' and carousin' with an underage Asian girl are grossly misinterpreted and greatly exaggerated. ;-)
Female Redneck: How about a redneck necker?
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