Friday, February 16, 2007


Talk about Signs and Wonders!

Green Baptists!

DALLAS (AP) -- Texas' largest Baptist group is taking a rare step into environmental advocacy, working to block Gov. Rick Perry's plan to speed the approval process for 18 new coal-fired power plants.

The Christian Life Commission, the public policy arm of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, is mobilizing Baptists against the coal-fired plants and urging the convention's 2.3 million members to voice their opposition to state lawmakers.

The money quotes:

Paynter said Texas Baptists' involvement stems from concern over how dirty air is affecting the health of church members.

That's a start!

"We have a longer-term goal, which is about the stewardship of creation."

Amen, and Amen!

"I don't think it's an anomaly, but I really wonder if it's going to gain much traction any time soon," he said. "It would take a reorientation of how we Baptists understand our place in this world, and enlarging our whole definition of what salvation is."

Ha go je ki la ma fa so la ti da ha ha ha -- ahem! (Sorry! I got so excited I spoke in tongues! ... [Settle down. It's a joke, son.])

Read all about it, from The Associated Press via NewsDay.

Note on "Signs and Wonders" for non-Charismatic Christians, nobelievers and run-of-the-mill infidels: "Signs and Wonders."


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I was wondering if you had a
momma ER update?
No news is still good news. BUT, my brother said she has been trying to talk -- or at least make sounds. But she still isn't awake for very long at a stretch.
Self Interest always trump Psuedo Spiritual tales.
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