Thursday, February 01, 2007


Stop this mad, mad, mad, mad world -- I want to get off! Get a dadgum grip, people!

The Los Angeles Times and movie studio Paramount could face a federal lawsuit after a publicity stunt to promote "Mission: Impossible III" sparked a bomb scare, the paper reported.

Read all about it.

SIGH. Are people stupid, or what?


Apparently, yes.
Well, since the LA Times is one of the nations most respected newspapers, one that usually propogates the stupid theories of evolution, global warming, and the ridiculous notion that women have a "right" to murder their own babies, I would have to say yes, they are stupid.
I've decided that one person cannot be so dense. "Mark" has to be a whole team of eejits.
This reminds me of the "Red Scare" and the McCarthy shit of my youth. I did an 8th grade book report once on a book written by J. Egar Hoover, which stated that in 10 years Communism will have taken over the whole damn world.

As for the ilk of Mark, that reminds me that there are still proto "Tims" lurking out there all over America.

There is a gun show in town this week-end. Time I think, to pick up both a long barrel, large clip, 22 cal. LR semi-auto pistol and a five shot 22 short revolver, and renew my training for the days to come.

To the barricades citizens...

I got one of each: a rifle, shotgun and a pistole. Dang it, I need ammo, though ... and I need to clean my shotgun. Bad. It's been YEARS.
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