Monday, February 19, 2007


She's 21 today!


Time flies! And many morrrrrrre!
That's cute. And funny.
I have vague recelections of 21.
I think there were several thousand brian
cells durning that time. :-(

Yep now we know,

Best wishes and happy bday to
Bird is much more mature than I was at 21.

I recall setting myself on fire at J.R. Murphey's, on the Strip in Stillwater, on my 21st. I lost control of a "Flaming Dr. Pepper." I am, indeed, lucky to be alive.
Oh, hey, Teditor! This is me acknowledging yer presence!!! ;-)
I seem to remember you setting yourself on fire recently... with your new zippo... :)

Sigh. It's true. :-)
Ah, I remember my 21st birthday. That was the day that my girlfriend told me that she was in love with my room-mate and that they were going to get married. They did get married ( the next month) and are still together 40 plus years later. As far I can tell she still pulls him around by his yingyang.
Bird, may your 21st birthday be much more bland than that. And rememeber, Dr. ER will be feeling older today as well.
I love it when someone in your own fambly rats you out!
Bird! Yer grounded!

Ha ha. Toooo late for that now! She is full-fledged!
Happy birthday, Bird!
Happy b-day, Bird!

Spent my 21st away from all my college friends (home for the summer), and even half my immediate family wasn't around. So Dad and I celebrated by watching movies no one but us wanted to see (Clerks, Repo Man, and Used Cars).
On my 21st birthday there was a mandatory trip to Ole John's Liquor Store on Lindsey in Norman. Can't remember what I purchased, but part of the ritual was the obligatory ID'ing process and birthday wishes from the store's staff. Later a group of friends from the student paper took me to dinner at Legend's, at the time the "fancy" place that we could never afford.

The roommates added their own embarrassing touches with, ah, their original ... ah, sculptures left on my bed with a copy of this new publication called Playgirl.
I KNEW you wuz a parTAY girl! :-)
ER, thanks for acknowledging. Sorry I didn't call Friday. Ended up running errands. All. Freakin'. Day.

Trixie, on a note about your 21st birthday: They had liquor stores back then? I thought prohibition was still in order.

Tee hee hee.
Trixie *>pokes<* Teditor in the eyes.

That 21st birthday greatly contributed to my mostly non-drinking lifestyle today. And I don't really think I've forgiven my roomies.

I hope Bird has a happy and memorable (and yes, safe) birthday celebration!!
Not sure you could reach that high, dear. :-)
Yeah, 21st. I remember my high school Chemestry teachers 21st birthday. She was a child protege, and graduated from college at 19 with her Master's degree. We went to Witchita Falls, Texas for dinner at the P-3. I was 18. Unfortunately her damn husband went along too.

May you have fond memories of this day little bird.
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