Monday, February 05, 2007



Pant, pant. Gasp. (See below. Was holding my breath!)

Mama ER heads to a long-term acute-care hopsittle in Fort Smith, Ark., which is, like, home, tomorrow!

I was holding my breath until I got confirmation. The case manager gal told me just after 1 p.m. that Mama ER been tentatively accepted. After last Friday's heartbreak, I wasn't telling anyone until I got the second call, which just came.

Woo hoo! That means she'll get good care, and some physical therapy and speech therapy, rather than the babysitting she'd've gotten at a nursing home.

And it means ER is able to pass the baton of daily Mama ER care and worry to Big Brudder, who is more than ready, and able, with time to do so! A family friend is even a nurse at this hopsittle, so there's another set of eyes.

Dr. ER will don gloves, gown and mask (still the staph) and go with me to see Mama ER in a little while.

In the morning, I'll go early and get her Christmassy presents and pictures and other personal belongings, and bring 'em with me as I head east. Then it's back to OKC tomorrow night. Then it's back east Wednesday night to do a separate Mama ER-related administrative-type thing, and I'm staying to have birthday drinks with an old friend.

Then it's to Stillwater on Saturday to watch the Bud Shootout with Bird and Dr. ER at Bird and Yankeebeau's place, spend the night and then watch OSU-OU bedlam wrestling Sunday afternoon, then home to collapse and get on with life.

I'm happy -- and I am so going to miss havin' my mama around. It's been 20-something years since I've been able to be so close to her.

But hey. She's in good enough shape to keep getting in better shape!


Hooray!! Best news I've heard in a very long time.
That's wonderful news!
Good! Very, very, very good!
I am so happy that she's improving, and that you'll be able to spend more time with her!

For some reason, I can't comment on your latest post. Had trouble with others, too, but I've been around reading and praying for her.
Fort Smith is "home" now for Mama ER -- and my old homestead. Big Brudder is the one who gets the mama now. :-(

But hey, I've said from the beginning, and meant it, that Mama ER, while in OKC, was in the best place she could be for what she needed -- and she was.

And now I can truly say the same: She is in the best place she can be for what she needs now, in an LTAC 10 miles from her house. :-)
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