Friday, February 23, 2007


Note to self: Do NOT read the definitive book about the Donner Party while eating lunch

From George R. Stewart, Ordeal by Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party (Boston: Houghton Miffline, 1936), 133.

"That morning (it was Sunday the twenty-seventh) they set about the matter more systematically. They remained in camp during this and the next two days. Once the taboo was broken, things were easier. The Indians, too, joined with them. They stripped the flesh from the bodies, roasted what they needed to eat, and dried the rest for carrying with them. They observed only one last sad propriety; no member of a family touched his own dead. But the strain was scarcely the less for that. For as she sat by the fire Mrs. Foster suddenly realized that spitted upon a stick and broiling over the coals she saw the heart of her cherished younger brother."

Now *that's* how to write history. But not to be read over a Philly steak sandwich.


Love the headline! How does that potted meat look now?
All the best for the weekend. Hope Mama and the rest of the ER clan are well and good.
ER, as you know I lived out in Northern California for a while. Legend always had it that some of the survivors of the Donner party settled in Dublin, California which is just over the hills from Oakland about 45 min from San Francisco. People always said you could eat out in a restaurant in Dublin, but don't linger at your table too long...
As a former Livestock (steer) exhibitor and FFA/4H member I became quite accustomed to knowing the name of those I consumed. ;)

Geoff: :-)

Braingirl: I need to talk to you privately.

Holio: I love you, man. One of my fondest memories, as weird as it might sound, is going with you to Comanche, OK, (I think) to get a set of scales or something for the Junior District Beef Show!
I wonder,ethically, how does canbalism for the purpose of survival differ from organ transplants?
I'd say there is no ethical difference. It's the gastrointestinal ingestion thing.
You mean it is OK to shit on a person but not to shit out a person?
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