Friday, February 02, 2007


Mama ER: Hurry up and wait


Jesus. It is fixin' to get real complicated. Medicare-wise. Her exact condition-wise. Emotion-wise. Hard, hard decisions-wise. I am, in fact, at Maker's, self-fricking-medicating. Sue me. (The wonders of modren technology *do* boggle my weary mind.) And that "Jesus" ain't in vain. It's the start of a prayer that I don't know how to finish. ... This bein' a piano bar, the piano player just asked me what I'd like to hear. "Something melancholy," I told her ...



This just in.

Now, we won't know until Monday morning whether Mama ER goes to the Fort Smith hopsittle on Monday. The receiving hopsittle wants to know how she fares here over the weekend -- and they won't know whether there is a bed for her until then.




Not that I want to see Mama ER go! It's just hard not knowing -- not that I haven't had a buttload of *that* lately.


I need a drink.


P.S. Dr. ER is on her way to Santa Fe, N.M., on bidness. I might go to one of my favorite waterin' holes, Maker's Cigar & Piano Bar, (review), after work ...

P.P.S. Mama ER made little squeaky noises yesterday when they plugged her trach to let her try to talk. Today when they did it, she made one big deep noise. It's progress. Baby steps ...

Hey ER.

I'm sorry to hear about your mama. I'll send a word of prayer up for ya.

I'm blogging again.
Thanks, and glad to see ya, MBR.
hey ER,

had forgotten you nor Mama ER.

Baby steps...good steps
It can surely be hard on the family to deal with all the decisions and red tape.

You don't have to know how to finish a prayer. The Lord will fill in the blanks for you after you've done what you can.

I continue to keep you and your mama and family in my prayers.
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