Thursday, February 01, 2007


Lite-Brite causes panic in Boston; Osama bin Laden laughs ass off; World chortles; ER throws up

I can't believe this, actually. Dr. and I just sat in awe of the news last night. And to hear the officials threatening to sue-prosecute-fine THE CARTOON NETWORK is just wack.

As he often does when it comes to such socio-cultural-psychic breakdowns, Drlobojo said it best in an e-mail:

Have we all lost out friggin minds???????? Attached are pictures of the "Suspicious Packages" and the unknown "Electronic Devices" that caused the Boston police and the Massastupid State Police to blow one up as though it was an IED and damn near close down the city even after they had 6 of them in their possession.

Even me, 62 year old me, knows what the talking walking Meatwade, FrenchFries, Malt, and Moonite characters on that particular stupid Cartoon Network show look like.

Holy shit. Have we turned into such raving cowards that a battery-operated "Lite-Brite" sign scares us into stupidity????

Then they arrest the poor slob that put the "suspicious packages" up for the Cartoon Network and want to evicerate Turner Broadcasting for "their" stupidity. The frackin (sic) Facsists are so embarassed at their overreactions that they want to make putting the signs out as a capital crime so as to cover their own stupid collective asses.

I mean, Holy Ryder Truck, Batman! What will become of us if we keep this scaredy cat shit up? Whatever happened to the "Land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE"?

What he said.


This past summer I went to a RedHawks game with friends. On the way to the game, I saw a billboard on I-40 -- red background with one word in black letters: POOT.

A couple of weeks later I passed the same billboard, but now the letters said "I POOOTED."

Eventually when the whole billboard was completed, it was a Cartoon Network ad with some character saying "I POOTED."

Cracked me up. Whoever does their promotions is pretty darn clever. I feel so sorry for those guys who installed those latests promos.
Current bid for one the cops didn't find is up to $2100 on eBay:
I agree with drlobojo for once. He is right. They (the Boston politicos) are fascists. And, I might add, they are Democrats. Now you are starting to understand, perhaps?
Can you beleive over a week latter Newsweek refered to these light-brights as "bomb like devices"! And the dwelt on the fact that the two artist only talked about their hair and forgot to mention that the first quest ask of them in their press interview was about their 1970's hairstyle.
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