Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hey, ER, what's for supper?

All I can say is I got home tonight with a hole in my stomach the shape of a trailer house! :-)


Oh, I'm way generous with that pie image. What I ate was a lattice peach pie in a box from the Wal-Marts.
An obivious low fat diet. Is your life insurance paid up. Bird and Dr. ER want to know.
Ugh. That so does not look appealing to me. But it went in your stomach, so hopefully it was appealing to you!

(Says the gal who regularly eats cottage cheese and apple sauce.)
At least cotton cheese and apply sauce are healthy!

But dude. It hit the spot.
MMMM yup its kinee loud.... but I reckon its ok MMMM
wit frad potaters'n mustud ... MM-HMMM
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