Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here's lookin' at YOU

A little blurry, dang it, but this here is Jambalaya.

The coolest part about this critter and his bunkmate, Étouffée, is that they were gifts from Bird and YankeeBeau, just out of the blue. Bird knew I wanted a hermit crab, and YankeeBeau works in a pet store, and voila! ER has new pets!

Jambalaya and Étouffée because they make me think of crawfish. Their nicknames are Rice (Étouffée, who is quiet and seldom seen) and Beans (Jambalaya, who is active and ready to party most of the time).


Cute Crab?
Damn if that doesn't make me want to run over to Pearl's Cajun Kitchen and get me some crab cakes and red rice and beans. Not to mention their whiskey bread pudding and fried peaches.

Sorry the crawdads are kind of like eaten fleas, it takes too many to make a meal.
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