Saturday, February 10, 2007


Gentlemen, start y'allses' engines!

STILLWATER, Okla. -- "This havin' to keep my knee above my heart is a pain in the ass."
--Dr. ER, who had knee surgery yesterday.

But hey, that didn't stop her from scaling the steep stairs to Bird and Yankeebeau's apartment tonight to watch the Bud Shootout -- which is, like, Palm Sunday on the NASCAR Church calendar. Maybe the first day of Advent. ...

Harvick's new car looks goooooood. ... He and Junior are in front, and ol' Mark Martin is in in the eight spot at the moment. Not much talk about the Toyotas ... Crap! Junior just overshot his pit box!

Hmm, hm, hmmm ... "We're not the jet set. We're the old Chev-ro-let set ..."

Tomorrow: Bedlam wrestling! Woo hoo!


Good for Tony!

"Look to me like the 8 got into the back of the 19, took the air off." --DW

We think it was air, not contact.
I like ole Tony. Specially like how he trimmed the Shrub with the Home Depot loppers installed on the nose of the 20. :D

Man, while we're bashing Bushes, was that 2 car UUUUUUUGGGGGGGLYYYYYY or WWWWWHUT!!!! ICK! I've coughed up stuff outta my lungs the last 2 weeks that looks better!
Tony has the spirit of the Intimidator.
Just making my yearly stop by, ER.

How's it going? Not bad in Peroville.

Still holding the crown, I hope.

By the way, I didn't know you were from Stillwater. Most of my family is from Tulsa.......I haven't been there in decades, but still have fond memories.

See ya next year.
Tell Dr. ER, that the N.M. Texico doctor says to remember how truely dangerous NOT keeping her knee above her heart is. Remember the danger does not go away but a little each day. Make sure she gives it a full week to 10 days of activity and elevation.
Sorry about the nagging, but it's done with affection etc.
Hey Pero. Long time no see.

Not from Stillwater. Just went to collge here in the '8-s, and now my kid does!

Drlobojo, will do.
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