Sunday, February 18, 2007


Fixed Earth Dawt Cawm

Gah. Worth repeating from Wonkette.

Evolution a Lie; Earth Flat; Jews in Control.

Fixed Earth, "occult math" and all!


Yeah, I know. has a story about it. I'm embarassed for them, making such a public display of their ignorance, revelling in it, in fact.
But see, this might be useful. Most of the fundies who claim to be biblical inerrantists aren't even close, so they should quit pretending, and stop trying to close the doors of fellowship to those of us who definitely are not. The Fixed Earth people are real biblical inerrantists.
Good point. I think it also points up the marginalizing of the Christian right. I mean, these folks have always been around - hiding behind the cardboard facade of "creation science" or "intelligent design" - but now, light is being thrown into dark corners, and we now see rats and cockroaches when we thought all we had were cute, cuddly kittens and puppies. Rather than a force to be reckoned with, they are a joke, a source of ridicule.
I have a theory that someone should be compiling a
master list of the true looneys in elected office that
try to actually infuse their object stupidity into
public policy decisions. Then serious and indepth
studies should be conducted on the populations and
physical environments of these legislative districts
involved to find the cause of this phenomena. Then
eradication teams should sent out.

Now finding a weird ass dufass regurgitating
his rumination onto a web site is no particular feat.
Done it myself on occasion (found and done it both). But when such day old
vomit shows up in the halls of power smeared over a
memorandum and becomes part of the influence upon our
power elite making laws then we need to take note.
Corruption is not new to American politics, however
when syphilitic metal corruption shows its ilk, it
should be delt with harshly and immediately. Free
speech does not give anyone the right to exercise their
mental illness outside of a hopital, or does it?

As far as their being a joke and a source of ridicule, we must remember someone elected them and gave them voice. See paragraph one.
Well, it takes a judge, or jury, to decide someone is mentally ill. And the dangerous mentally ill usually have to actually harm someone before they're locked up. As long as they harm only themselves ...
Maybe George could write one of those little executive exceptions or what ever they are called to that law for us. How much would it cost you reckon?
The immediate cost would be one vice president.
I always wonder how they define terms associated with god like omnipotent, omnisceint, omnipresent, and all the other omni's associated with god.

Why would they limit god so?
If they don't "limit" him, they can't conceive that they can control him.
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