Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Fat Tuesday, ER style

Lordy, I have *got* to learn to read between the lines when Dr. ER is talking to me!

"I need you to take me to the hospital for a procedure on my knee and then come get me afterward," which sounds like I might get to get most of a day's work done on this here laptop, actually means, "You probably should just take the day off of work, hon, because I am going to have surgery on my knee and it will take most of the day, mainly because the local hospital, unlike the fancy-schmancy hospital Mama ER was in, does not have wi-fi, plus you are going to be coming and going a few times, and running my four prescriptions to the busiest drugstore in Oklahoma County right through the gut of town at the height of rush hour, you will get impatient, and a little upset, and it will suck."


Dr. ER came out fine with her second knee surgery in less than two weeks. She is in there on the bed with her left hind leg perched on a stack of pillas to keep her kneee above her heart, and she is only slightly loopy from the drugs.

I am on the front porch, and while I am not quite a Redneck in repose, I am relaxing, finally, with a ceegar and the next-to-last glass of Dickel on the rocks -- or maybe the next-to-next-last glass of Dickel on the rocks -- I will have until Easter.



If she is only slightly loopy, are you sure the drug are working?
Well, she's not in unusually terrible pain, so I guess they're working.
I hope she feels better soon!

I know how you feel with being the chauffeur. I went through a day not unlike that a couple years ago with DH's jaw surgery. They should just add that to the list of things to do to prep for the surgeries.
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