Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Eastbound and down

Well. They didn't bother to tell the first ambulance crew that Mama ER had the staph thing, so they had to send for another "truck" -- that's what the EMTS called the ambulance -- and crew.

One of the EMTs on the first crew has asthma and she said she couldn't wear a mask for the three hours it'll take to get Mama ER where she's going, plus she has a newborn at home and was worried about the staph and I don't blame her.

Which goes to remind you that there are people involved in this, so join me in praying -- hoping, crossing fingers, sending vibes, etc. -- for 'em all.

The second ambulance was loading Mama ER up when I left at 12:30 p.m., about 45 minutes ago. She's on the road by now. I'm heading out the door now with Mama's Christmassy gifts and other personal belongings.

On this, the 69th day after her hospitalization here (not counting the week-plus at the hospital in Fort Smith before she came to OKC for surgery).

Mama ER was not responsive this morning, nor last night when Dr. ER and I went to see her -- but she was the day before. It's just hit-and-miss.

I told the ambulance crew to hit every pot hole and speed bump between here and Arkansas to wake her up.


I am so happy momma ER, is heading
home. I know big brudder is happy
too. You have done a very good
job takin care of her. You are a
good kid. heeeh..:-) Maybe I can
give big brudder some encouragement.
Awesome, ER. I look forward to hookin up with you for a few minutes whilst your here. I have a care package fer ye. :)
I had to find a wireless connection here in the way way southeast just to see how things went with Mama E.R. I hope she cussed 'em every mile of the trip.
Drive careful like on your trip.
Mama update: AS of 4 this morning she had a bad night, according to Nurse S. (Nicknamed Nurse Betty)
I guess the potholes loosened up the junk in her lungs because when I was there last night it had turned back red-ish looking. In the long run this may be a good thing but during the night she was panting shallow breaths (60 a minute) and her oxygen level got down to the 80's. They were close to putting her back on the machine but had raised her oxygen level and she slowed down to 30 per minute. I'm impressed with the new doctor and staff so I know she is in good hands. I'm going to pester her today and try to get a better response from her.
Well I've learned my lesson. I put a long update of the night with "The Mama" on here and it didn't make the trip. I'll call you later this morning and fill you in.
Hey, E.R. Hope your momma is doing OK in Fort Smith. Stopped by Oklahoma Heart Hospital to see you Wednesday morning, and they told me she had been moved. Good for her (and for you). You both are in our prayers.

-- Three desks down, one over
Thanks, TDDOO. The trip like to kilt her, but she's doing OK now.
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