Sunday, February 18, 2007


And on the 86th day of Christmas ...

... we got the tree down!

"This will be remembered as the Christmas we took the tree down while we watched the Daytona 500," Dr. ER observed.

"Yep. And I resealed the Christmas tree box with duct tape we bought when the government told us to," said I, adding: "Back when we believed what the Bush administration told us," adding, "If Dubya tells the press he loves Laura, they better check it out."

Tree down, three days before Ash Wednesday. Man.

Next saga on the Erudite Redneck channel! ER gives up Dickel -- and all whiskey and bourbon -- for Lent!

"On, no, Tony wrecked!" Dr. ERjust announced from the other room, noting that they interrupted a commercial to break back into the race (how cool is *that*?).

Dang it. Tony Stewart, not Dale Jr., carries the Spirit of the Intimidator.


"ER gives us Dickel -- and all whiskey and bourbon -- for Lent!"

Us?? Yay! I love Lent!

Crystal Diggory
Dang it. "Up." Gives "up"! :-)

*Everybody* needs an editor!
The tree is down?
And we were so close to a break through on holiday decorations for the 21st century.
And Ice-T keeps sitting right where it was, looking up where the banches were, with a lost look on his widdle face -- not that I've *totally* anthropomorphized the kitty's behavior or anything.

But he does miss *his* tree. ... He has developed an awareness, bordering on obsession, of Jambalaya and Etouffee, on the other hand (paw). ...
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