Tuesday, January 30, 2007


There she is ... again! Another Oklahoman

I love Oklahoma! Another Miss America! Two in a row! We knew her when ...

Pictured, left to right, is Brad Henry, the good Democratic governor of our state, with then-Miss Oklahoma and now Miss America Lauren Nelson of Lawton, Okla., who is crowning Logan Farmer, the 2006 Rush Springs Watermelon Queen!

Photo from the Rush Springs (Okla.) Watermelon Festival Page.

Read all about the new Miss America from the Buffalo News (Buffalo, N.Y., not Buffalo, Okla.).

I didn't watch the pageant. But I could not help knowing it was going on this year, since they moved it to CMT. Brilliant move on the pageant organizers' part. I'm thinkin' the CMT (Country Music Television) audience sees no problem with beauty, brains and brilliance all bein' bottled up in the same body and pranced around a stage. I know I don't.
Portrait by Jim Grillot.


That poor girl. Could they find an uglier dress for the Watermelon Queen? Or maybe they wanted her to resemble the melon. Cruel.
What?!? Of COURSE it's supposed to look wartermelony. You been livin' in town too long. I think it's purdy!
It does look kinda like the color those not quite ripe watermelon seeds that you don't have to spit out but can go ahead and swallow. Now if it is supposed to look really watermelony it should be Red and Green with black dots.

Say, and couldn't CMT afford a crown that actually fits, and not have to use that one from the midget Miss America in 1937?

As for Miss Americas, I still have the hots for Jayneanne Jayroe!
Oklahoma has now had six Miss Americas, which is a really high percentage. (California also has 6. There's only a handful that have had five or more.)
SIX? Didn't know that. Knew of only three.

OK, Miss Trivia Trixie. Name and their hometowns!
I got it!

Lauren Nelson, Lawton, 2006.

Jennifer Berry, Tulsa, 2005.

Shawntel Smith, Muldrow, 1995.

Susan Powell, Elk City, 1980.

Jane Ann Jayroe, Laverne, 1966.

Norma Smallwood, Tulsa, 1926.
Jane Jayroe, Laverne, 1967.
Susan Powell, Elk City, 1981.
Shawntel Smith, Muldrow, 1996.
Jennifer Berry, Tulsa, 2006.
Lauren Nelson, Lawton, 2006.
OK triva people which college in Oklahoma has the bulk of the Miss Americas from the State?
OCU of course. And correct that final date in my list to 2007, please.
Yep, Oklahoma City University actually has statues of its three Miss Americas as a kind of a gate way deal on campus. A place of actors, art, song, and dance OCU is a natural factory for beauty queens and Fortune 500 wives. A kind of Stepford Campus.
"Stepford Campus"!! HAHAHAHAHA!!
I guess this kind of makes up for Inhofe. No offense, ER, but, boy is that guy a piece of work.
Hope you, and Mama, and the whole ER family are doing OK, you are doing better (please don't go near buses, alright? some of us out here are rooting for you), and a Happy Birthday to Doc ER.
Nothing, absolutley NOTHING can ever compensate for Inhofe!
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