Saturday, January 27, 2007


O, what a beautiful mornin'

Got up with time, and in the mood, to clean the kitchen! So, let me say now: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser rocks. Trust me. Go buy a box. Now. You will thank me. I'm not kidding. They totally have the ER Seal of Approval.

I think they have done for the household cleanin' industry what S.O.S. Pads did in their day -- and I recommend them, too.

Also, "The Incredible Shrinking Man" was on TCM when I turned it on this morning -- and nothin' gets me goin' like old, bad, B&W sci-fi, unless it's bad, old B&W westerns. Great background noise for kitchen cleanin'.

Oh, and it was blowin' and snowin' outside, which is always a good thing in my book.

Now, Bird and Dr. ER and the step-granddogs, Fenway and Apollo, are in there watchin' somethin' to their own liking.

Oh, a Very Nice Thing happened last night to me and Bird. I took her to Charleston's, just me and her, which was cool in itself because we hadn't done anything, just me and her, in a long time.

She had some kind of fancy chicken salad and a Dr. Pepper. I had some kind of fancy chicken-avocado-bacon-sprouts sandwich and fries a Dewar's rocks and a Fosters. When it came time to leave, the waitret said, "Your check is paid. Someone in the restaurant paid it."

We were floored. I hadn't seen anyone I knew, but I wasn't lookin'. Bird said, "Maybe somebody thinks I'm hot!"

"LOL," I said, "I was thuinkin' the same thing about myself!" Mirth ensued.

Bird said it kind of weirded her out to have an anonymous benefactor. Not me. One, I've learned that the flipside of giving graciously is accepting graciously, and two, the fact is my work makes some people gobs of money, and everyone who knows me knows I can't be bought, or even rented, that I don't take payola -- but I reckon someone knew I would have no choice but to accept an anonymous gift. So I did.

And I thnk that's what happened. Yesterday I was in a situation with about 300 bigtime movers and shakers, most of whom know me on sight -- and maybe someone overheard me askin' someone for prayer for the ER family and thought I could use a good turn.

That or somebody at Charleston's thought I was hot. Or Bird.

On to the bathroom! I am sooo in the mood to clean. Now *that's* weird.


Sounds like the ER family is doin a "full pull," even Mama ER. That's gotta be a load off'n your mind.

I'm a big fan of Magic Erasers -- just had no idea they worked good on kitchens. They clean up alloy wheels on my ride rrrrrrreal good.

Have a goodun ER family!
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Sorry, made a misspelling in the earlier post. Probably serves me right -- because the gist of my comment was that as someone who knows you in TRW, I want the others here who might not to know that it wasn't 'cause of your hotness.

: )
E.R., the restaurant pick-me-up was a "pay it forward" gift. (That's the perfect example to explain that phrase, which you didn't recognize one time recently when I used it on you.)

There's a big movement going on in the country right now, a grassroots thing. It's along the lines of "random acts of kindness."

It got a big big boost from Oprah a couple of months ago when her big give-away for the year was to give the members of her audience $1,000 each, with the stipulation that it had to be spent on someone else. Those who received the money were also given digital video cameras to record their act of kindness, and then they were invited back to the show, where their videos were shown and some were able to describe their gifts.

Just this week they showed another "generation" of givers who had been so inspired that they repeated the exercise, using their own money to give amounts to their friends who were then charged to give the money for the benefit of others.

One woman used her money to rent a bus and take all the residents of a homeless shelter to the movies to see Will Smith's film, "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Others have gone shopping at Target and paid for the purchases of someone in line ahead of them.

Others have paid for grocery store purchases.

The question for you now is -- how will you pay it forward?

And I love the Magic Erasers, too. I got mine during testing before the big release to the public because of a mailing group I belong to. Great invention!
I prefer to think I'm hot. :-)

Hey, Nick, I love y'all, y'all love me ...
Well of course -- you and Bird are both so hot that's why you were picked!! LOL! No matter what, you got a free meal -- at Charleston's!

I'm going to go heat up a frozen burrito now.
Hot or Not, it is always good to be appreciated. It is even better when it impresses your kid.
Good for you.

As for cleaning agents: try "Bartender's Friend" for those stains that even SOS pads won't budge. For shoe streaks and marks on vinal or ceramic tile use the side of a tennis shoe sole as an eraser.
ER, I feel better now about having tried to buy you and Dr. ER dessert once, which you (kindly) refused. I wondered if maybe you had interpreted it as "rent" for the month, rather than just a nice gesture of loosely-connected, genuine thanks for what you do. Now I know it was probably just because you were trying to stay hot in hopes of holding out for a whole meal...

Magic erasers do wonders on white woodwork, FYI.
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