Thursday, January 04, 2007


National U.S. Marshals Museum heading to new permanent home at ER's old stomping grounds, Fort Smith, Ark.

:::UPDATE::: The actual announcement. :::UPDATE:::

Hot damn! Big Brudder, knowing it was right up my alley, just called to tell me the news! The National U.S. Marshals Museum!

Perfect for Fort Smith, since Judge Parker ran so many posses of marshals fanned out across Indian Territory!

Hell's Fringe!

Hell on the Border!

And Heck Thomas!

I never even knew there was such a place as a National U.S. Marshals Museum, let alone that they were looking for a new site for it.


Knowing how the gubment works, I might could have a dang Ph.D. by the time they get it built, which might put me in the running to run the joint. :-)

Read about the National U.S. Marshals Museum.

Read a now-outdated story about the site selection process.

(Pictured, top to bottom: Marshal Heck Thomas, Marshal Bill Tilghman, Marshal Chris Madsen, "The Three Guardsmen.")


Oooooo Boy!! That's some good news. I know they must have done that just for you!
Kudos to Fort Smith. I'm glad to see it go there.
There is however a very sad and intersesting backstory regarding the U.S. Marshals' Museum and Monument and Oklahoma City.

In 1990, directly across from the Western Heritage Center and Cowboy Hall of ame on 63rd the U.S. Marshal Memorial was dedicated, the Museum was soon to follow.
The Memorial consisted of an upright Marshal's badge. For a few years the circular drive turnout and the "memorial" were there and neglected. Nothing came of the Museum. I think there is some sort of Garden Museum on the site now. Oklahoma City has a sad history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
More than half of all the U.S. Marshals who have died in the line of service have died in Oklahoma.
But kudos and congratulations to Fort Smith for honoring this group of Americans.
Hey, and don't forget about Bass Reeves -- among Judge Parker's most prolific deputies. Fort Smith is planning to build a statue honoring him. We've been kinda busy with our history. ;) "Our" means Western Arkansas AND Oklahoma.

We'll have a foundation website up very soon. Meantime, visit my personal blog for updates and observations.
Yeah, Drlobojo, that's Cole's Garden now. It's a very nice place, but I remember that failed effort for the Marshals Museum.
Even with that, there are a lot of neat small museums here and in small towns close to here.

I've got a real affinity for Tilghman, myself.
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