Thursday, January 25, 2007


Me gusta Bill Richardson

Best political news I've heard since 2004: John Kerry will not run again.

Thank (brace yourself) God.

Bill Richardson for President.

America for Bill Richardson.

Hey, the past two presidents have been former governors of states neighboring Oklahoma. Third time is the charm!


We agree on this one.
Bill and Obama.
After "W" that would confuse the hell out of the rest of the world.
(Probably would confuse quite a few Americans as well)
Looks like he gets two votes from the great state of Oklahoma! Yee haw!
I just don't see what you're so impressed with. I've read the web sites. I didn't see anything new and it sounded more like political rhectoric. What am I missing?
I'm impressed that he has experience that the last two presidents didn't have; that he's a successful Dem in a state, New Mexico, that is as right-wing as Oklahoma once you get out of Santa Fe and Taos, which means he's practical and not anti-business; I like that he's Hispanic; and I like that he's NOT Kerry, who is a political dolt, NOT Edwards, who doesn't seem very smart to me, only clever; NOT Obama, whose time is not yet; NOT Hillary who I love and admire but I fear is simply unelectable; and NOT a Republican, which is a given.

What say you, Drlobojo?
How 'bout Richardson/Webb 08?

Just some food for thought.
Richardson is about the only "Old Gaurd" that I would happily support.
His advantages are numerous.
He is a Mexican-American who was born in California but raised for 13 years in Mexico but has also been the Govenor of a State that has greatly suffered from the wieght of illegal immigration. Only a person of his ilk can walk the tightrope that leads to real immigration reform.
He was the Secretary of Energy under Clinton and is well versed in oil and alternative fuel technology and politics.
He was our Ambassador to the United Nations and is familiar with the backdoors and hidden agendas of that organization.
He has met face to face with numerous world leaders including those in Iran, North Korea, and China. He has been a hostage negotiator and a treaty maker.

His grandfather and father were "naturalist" so his bent towards the evironment would be positive.

He spent his highschool years in Boston at the heart of the American Bhramin tradition. His wife is of that world.

He was "almost" a good enough baseball player in high school and Tufts to do it professionally. That means he knows how to play the low slow game to the end and to victory.

He spent 14 years in the House. He knows what getting a bill through Congress means and how that place works.

In short he is the hybrid-American that can work "pragmatically" at the local, national, and world wide level.

No, he doesn't walk on water, but he knows where the rocks are just below the surface and to step on them.

After the party figures out that Hillary is unelectable, or worse would be elected with only the slimest of margins and thus prolong this American split. After the realize the Obamma is not yeat ready and Edwards is old news now. They will in the end turn to Richardson.
What Drlobojo said!

Espesciually this: "Only a person of his ilk can walk the tightrope that leads to real immigration reform."

But, what about Biden? I LIKE Biden. He was my first choice in '88. ... I think he's too plainspoken.
don't know enuf about webb...yet
Would that be Joe Biden (D-MBNA)? The guy is a complete tool of corporate America.
Hmmm. Well, he does represent Delaware.

"A Delaware corporation is a corporation chartered in the U.S. state of Delaware. Delaware is well known as a corporate haven, and thus, over 50% of US publicly-traded corporations and 58% of the Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in the state ..." (Wikipedia)

Isn't that like complaining that, say, Jesse Jackson Jr. is a tool of Chicago's South Side for representing its interests?

I want reps to rep their constituencies but be able to compromise with others who are repping their constituencies, all without wrecking the country.
I like Richardson. I think he has a serious resume. I just wonder if his candidacy can get legs in this crowded field. I don't share your opinion of Hillary--I reject her because of her ongoing support of the war, and I think Edwards is smarter than you think--and genuinely cares for the poor. My favorite candidate on the issues is Kucinich, but he will have the same problem as Richardson in getting his message out.
It is 18 months or more to the convention. A long time in politics. In the end, I don't think Hillery will finish her run. If the Democratic Party were organized they would put Hillery out front to draw the ire and fire of the far right. Pull the radical right out into the open and shine the light on its white male domination agenda. Also Hillery could do dirt on the front runner of the Republicans. But all along I would be moving the real choice forward openly and steadily. And when Hill pulls out she swings her support to that person and her money as well. As an old Clintonite Richardson fits the bill (no pun intended).
However, these are my Democrats, and organization, planning, and stealth, are not among our party qualities.
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