Friday, January 05, 2007


Mama ER update


Mama ER was in and out, with no complications, by a little after 7 p.m. I forgot to mention she will also have a chest tube for four or five days. She will be set back a little on general physical rehab, but after tapping her three times, the doc thought this was best for her.


Mama ER will undergo a "procedure" this evening, which is kinddoctorspeak for "minor surgery," to fix a leak around her left lung. The surgery -- I mean, procedure -- will be sometime between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

It's called talc pleurodesis. Read about it here, but ignore the part about cancer.

Basically, they'll put her under light anesthesia and withdraw fluid from around her left lung -- for the fourth time since her surgery -- then spray talc in to cause the exterior wall of the lung to adhere to the thorasic cavity.

Prayers, please -- and good vibes, happy-happy thoughts and well wishes.

Y'all, I am not kidding. The past few weeks I have sensed that I am being held up by y'alls' and others' prayers.


Vibin' for ya big time...

Hang in there.
The timing! She just started kinda halfway wanting to eat again the past coulle of days -- and now she's been on a pre-surgery -- I mean, pre-procedure -- fast all day. Maybe she'll wake up real hongry tomorrow. Looks better than evert today, too, more lucid and everything, which, actually, is probably why they wanted to do this now, being in better condition and all.
Happy thought subscription renewed. Thank you for your business.
Her name won't be erased off my prayer list until you say it can. :)

That's an amazing procedure for its simplicity. It's a wonder anyone even thought of it, ain't it?
Hang in there ER.
radiator stop leak

geez, er, i know this has got to be grueling for you. delighted to see you retain your sense of humor in your time of crisis; speaks volumes on the depth of character of the boy your dear mother raised.

Blessings on your Mama, and on you - thank God, prayers aren't bound by time but stand eternally

More prayers on the way. I was on your side of the river earlier this week....God bless all the ER kin.
Grueling is the word. Thanks, y'all.
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