Friday, January 26, 2007


Mama ER prayer: for a 'full pull'

::: ANOTHER UPDATE ::: I went to see Mama ER after work, about 6 p.m., and she looked good. Awake, eyes open, responsive. I talked sweet to her, and told her what a happy day it was since she got that danged old tube out of her nose and now I could see how pretty she is, and how it'll be easier for her to work with the therapists to talk again, and how she really is getting better every day. Told her that Big Brudder, Little Big Sister, Big Big Sister and Mr. Big Sister are all coming to see her tomorrow! About how beloved she is. About how many people all over the country, thanks to this blog, are pulling for her and praying for all of us. About how God loves her so much. About how I *know* the Lord -- all because she loaded me up and took me to church when I was little and raised me up in the way of the Lord and, in fact, as the Scripture says, now that I am older I have not departed from it. ... And now, Bird and I and the step granddogs, Fenway and Apollo, are waiting for Dr. ER to get home from the airport; Bird and the step granddogs' presence are an early birthday surprise for Dr. ER! :-) ::: UPDATE :::

:::UPDATE ::: They did it in her room. Started at 10:15 and was done by 10:35 a.m. -- then I split to go to the work thing. Now, I have to write a couple of things. Busy. More anon. ::: UPDATE:::

These doctors are so funny! Mama ER is having another "procedure" today -- here in about 15 minutes, actually. "Procedure" -- ha! Teeth cleaning is a procedure.

This here is another operation. Surgery.

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, (PEG) to be exact.

It sounds worse than it is. It means they're going to remove the feeding tube from her nose-esophagus and insert it directly into her tummy. On the other hand, any "procedure" is potentially dangerous for Mama ER now.

They will do it in her room, not downstairs in the OR. It looks like the hopsittle version of a tractor pull in her room, with all the equipment they just moved in.

In the tractor pullin' world, a "full pull" is when a competitor and his smoke-belchin' fire-breathin' big-wheeled steed of steel manage to pull the sled all the way, past the marks set by the other pullers, past the barricades, and if he ain't careful, out the end of the dadgum arena.

Redneck Prayer of the Day: That Mama ER does the "full pull" this morning, and in the long run.

It'll be this afternoon before I can update, although the "procedure" is supposed to only take 30 minutes or so. I have a work thing I have to go do in the meantime.

Hope all went smoothly.
By now it should be finished, so I'll pray that it all went well. Hopefully you'll be finished with your work thang and get to post before I finish with my work thang and get a chance to check back.
I am with Trixie, hope all went
well. That sweet momma ER will
be resting comfortable.
Prayers for healing and peace.
Wood-knocked, fingers-crossed
What a sweet update.
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