Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Mama ER: Chasin' bun-buns in her dreams

Dr. ER has always said, when she sees Riker, the regal Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or Bailey, the semi-retarded weinie dog that needs a short yellow doghouse, dreaming and movin' his legs like he's running, she says he's dreamin' he's chasin' bun-buns -- rabbits.

Yesterday afternoon, Big Brudder and I were in Mama ER's room, as she was snoozing, and out of the corner of an eye I thought I saw her move her left foot. A minute later, I saw her move it again, in her sleep -- her left foot, and remember the stroke was on the right side of her brain, so it's the left side of her body that's down.

Recall that earlier I noted that her face is not droopy on the left anymore, and hasn't been for some time. Her moving her left foot in her sleep is just a little bit of good news -- nothing major -- but it's a good sign, nonetheless.

And those of us who love Mama ER will take all of that we can get.

Of course, Big Brudder and I agree that she's probably not dreamin' that she's chasin' rabbits. She's probably dreamin' that she's kickin' one or both of our butts. We're cool with that -- anything that helps her move her left side. :-)


Best news we've read in a while (and we do check the site several times a day, in addition to talking to Mom). Love to all from the Dallas-ranch-branch.
I am with the Dallas ranch branch.
It was the best news I have heard
all day. I too check several x
a day for any news on momma ER.

Sorry, but I've been occupied with too much life and haven't had a chance topay a visit. That's such good news, ER. Keep the faith, and know there are many, many of us out here praying for Mama, you, and the whole ER clan.
BTW, I love your description of the one dog. We have a St. Bernard, Dreyfus, who is just as sweet as a twenty poind bag of sugar and just as dumb as a bag of hammers, so I understand the sentiment. He chases our cat, Patch, when he dreams. I doubt, though, if he is smart enough to catch her.
Excellent news!! Now you boys better watch out or she'll be jumping out of that bed to kick you for real!

One day I went in to my mom's room and asked her how her physical therapy was going. She threw back her sheet, kicked her leg up in the air almost over her head and wiggled it left, right up and down to show me!! It would have been a whole lot better to witness had she been wearing more than a hospital gown, I guarantee.
That IS good news, no matter how minor it might be. :)
Y'all're all sweet.

'Nother updatelet and a clarification: she still has a lil droop on the left side of her face, but not as bad as it was at first; also, and this is *such* a hoot, one potential side effect of the antibiotic they are using to treat the staph is a condition called -- and I am not making this upp -- "red neck syndrome," a rash on her shoulders and neck. She has not shown signs of red neck syndrome, however -- I mean, not besides raisin' me and Big Brudder. :-)
Another update:

A nurse just told that they would test her again for staph probably no earlier than 10 days after confirmation that she had it, and that was Jan. 19.

So, the first test probably will be Jan. 29 (Dr. ER's birthday! Hippo oily birdies to hare!)

If that test is negative, then they will test her again the next day, and again the next day -- three negatives in a row, they give all-clear on the staph, (and Dr. ER, who is keeping herself and her own delapidated immune system away in self defense, can visit Mama ER again.)

If that first test is positive, still showing staph, then, well, I guess they give it another week or so and test again.
Glad Mama ER is holdin her own. Specially with that staph stuff.
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