Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Long row to hoe

Mama ER update:

The docs say the pneumonia is clearing up. They act like they can beat back the staph. That means she's back to *only* facing rehab from a stroke.

Y'all, here's the prayer request for the day: That all who love Mama ER really understand how long and hard the rehab probably will be, that we all have the emotional stamina -- and ocassionally the actual physical stamina -- to carry on.

Mama ER will be in the hospital in Oklahoma City now for at least several more days. The next step probably will be a long-term acute care hospital in Fort Smith, Ark., for a long time, followed by home-health, for a long time.

I would be surprised if she were to fully recover. That rarely happens, I think, even with younger people. But she can recover a great deal -- and I mean some use of her left side, and her speech -- if she wants to.

1 REDNECK POINT to anyone who can identify the crop in the photo.

25 REDNECK POINTS to anyone who has actually hoed said crop. (Daddy ER gave me a short-handled hoe to help way, way back in the day, in the Arkansas River bottoms [Hey, TracyW: at Moffett]).



If so, I've never hoed them. Would hoeing any other kind of bean give me half points? :)

Glad to hear Mama ER is making progress. Baby steps. I will continue to ask for those very things for you and your family in my prayers.
In NASCAR-speak (need to shine up my "R" some):

Mama ER is down a few laps, but she's in the garage area and they're gettin' her ready to come out and run laps for points.

Hey, Frenzied! You win a Coveted Redneck Point! (You didn't click on the pic to see its file name, did you?? That'd a got ya halfway there: "beans." ) :-)
:::slaps self in forehead:::

I didn't even think of looking at the file name. I can't believe I didn't think of that! Argh!

Nope, I did the scholarly thing and did some research on the main types of crops in Arkansas, found a picture that looked like yours, and guessed they were the same plant.

Geez, I spent a lot of time on that when just knowing "beans" would have sure helped a lot.

So, since I have hoed other types of beans (we didn't grow soybeans in Oregon and Utah), do I get 12.5 points for at least having used a hoe on the soybean's cousin? :)
I get 26 points. Soy, and yes I have hoed them. When I was a kid, my grandad had a hobby farm of about 20 acres, plus another 80 on another plot. many a summer I walked those fields. Looking for arrow heads (on the bluffs above the Illinois River) and weeding/ hoeing. I found a gun flint once while hoeing.

My granddad was never a fan of the no till beans, and always criticized a field that looked weedy.

been hopen and prayen for mama ER by the way.
Absotively! Y'all both get partial credit. :-)
Glad Mama ER is doin good. Shoot me an e-mail when you plan to come across the river. My mom and dad and I would be honored to check on her now and again when ya'll are over yonder in Indian Territory workin.

I live 2 minutes from Sparks and HealthSouth. It's half way between my office and my house. So if she's there it's real convenient to me.

My folks live in Lavaca. St. Edward is about 10 minutes from them. They're real good at visitin sick folk, makin em laugh, and leavin before they wear em out too bad.

My Mamaw came back from a stroke and did real good. She walked with a cane, but her speech came back and quite a bit of her dexterity.

It'll be hard work, but Mama ER looks like a tough lady. Heck, she whipped a stubborn staph infection!!!

Oh, I knew them wuz soybeans but I ain't ever had a hoe in em.

But I HAVE kicked a few carp over in the Moffett bottoms in the 90 flood. Doing live shots with my feet in the water, carps swimmin up trying to knock me down. Between cut-ins, the photog kept saying, "Move a half step to your left (or right)." Then we'd do our schtick for OKC or Tulsa or sommers else.

Same routine betwixt shots -- step to the left.

Finally I asked why I was tap dancing. Mike said, "Turn around." There wuz dead dogs floating behind us in the flooded Arkansas backwaters. He had me stepping in front of the floaters so as not to cause upchuckin around dinner tables across the nation.

Does THEM deserve rednek points?????? :)
LOL. Tracy, that all'll get ya a load of R-points!

Oh, and mama ER is still rasslin' with the staph, I'm afraid.
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