Tuesday, January 23, 2007


A little Meskin food cain't hurt

So, I get to work this morning -- the actual work place -- and there is not a parking to be found. Talk about chapping my hide! It's the dang ice again. Parking on the roof of the parking garage is impossible because of it.

So, I call in and tell my boss that since I can't find a parking I'm just going to the hopsittle. On the way there, I call Big Brudder. He and his friend, who I will call Arkansas Jewel, are 10 minutes away and want to stop and have an early lunch (it's just after 10 a.m. at the time).

So, I meet 'em at Abuelo's, where we wait a half hour for it to open, and we have an early lunch. I had huevos rancheros, which, at Abuelo's, is two cheese enchiladas, refried beans y papas chiles, plus soft flour tortillas, chips, salsa, queso, guacamole -- the works. Y cafe, since it's still breakfast time to my way of thinking.

I told Big Brudder that he could love on Mama ER today, and that I was gonna take the day off . Now the plan is to get some work done at work for a change, get home in time to clean up the kitchen some and still have time to maybe have a drink to get me in the mood to scream and holler at the TV set tonight.

The State of the Union? Pissed off, put upon and tired of the BS. That's the way it looks from here anyway. You can tell the shape the Right Wing is in from the increasing shrillness and sheer lunacy of Faux News -- aka the Faux Nothing Channel -- which is the video version of what the Police Gazette had devolved to by the 1950s. A p.o.s. right-wing rag.


Now that sounds like my kind of breakfast! I love Mexican food.

I hope you get done today what you want. :)
No parking spot leading to time with brother--that's some nice serendipity. And any meal at Abuelo's is a good thing (i luv their tortilla soup).

But why on earth do you need a drink in order to be ready to holler at the tv tonight? I'll be having that drink in order to keep from hollering, at least too loudly. Silly thin-walled apartment.
I meant a stiff drink would loosen up my hollerer. :-)
You know, any other day of the year I would think Mexican food would be the perfect start to the day. But I uh, must have been preparing for the speech early last night. (See my blog) Uh, right now nothing sounds very good.
You can tell the shape the Right Wing is in from the increasing shrillness and sheer lunacy of Faux News -- aka the Faux Nothing Channel??

Didn't stutter, Mark.

BTW, screw the kitchen -- ha ha ha! Went right to the 'tini. :-) Want one, Trixie? ...
A fleece:

Will this country survive the presidency of George W. Bush? He is such a moron I can't even think straight. Jesus, come quickly, indeed!

Can we just IMPEACH BUSH NOW??
What is Faux going to do when Murdoc sends down the word to support Mrs. Bill? He loves her you know, can't have his own boys gar-mouthing her nightly. Maybe they will discover that she is really a long time secret neo-con. Maybe they will just trash her Democratic competition. Maybe Murrdoc will "wave his magic aussie wand" and create a faur left Faux News. Ah the whims of the rich and powerful.

To the barricades citizens!
Hey ER, did you catch the tax increase he proposed on "health insurance" provided by business?
Slick m---- f-----! I don't think he is stupid, I think he is ignorant, a lier, and warped by wealth and power.
What the hell is W's new "Civilian Reserve Corps"? Sounds Facist to me.
He is getting a "luke warm" reception tonight.
ohhhhhhhhh no thanks....
Damn it. I just lost a post that was the last 4 paragrphs of Sen. Jim Webb's response. Grrr.

Find the text at

The key part:

"These Presidents (T. Roosevelt and Eisenhower) took the right kind of action, for the benefit of the American people and for the health of our relations around the world. Tonight we are calling on this President to take similar action, in both areas. If he does, we will join him. If he does not, we will be showing him the way."

WE WILL be showing him the way.
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