Sunday, January 21, 2007


Is this a cloud or what?

Call me backslidden! I skipped church this morning for the first time in over a year. I'm just fatigued. Tired of everything. I watched "The Patriot" instead.

Check this out: UFO NEWS. The guy who runs it stopped by here the other day, attracted, I guess, by the story about a UFO out of Van Buren, Ark.

The picture is from Drlobojo, who says:

"This is a picture from 5 miles south of Roswell, New Mexico, in March 2005. Stopped to take pictures of the Teddy Bear Memorial to two teenagers killed in a car wreck at the site. Dig the "cloud" in the sky behind it."

Dr. ER and I were in Roswell in 1997 for the 50th anniversary of "the incident." I'd love for us to make it this year for the 60th anniversary.


Sure it's a cloud - but does anyone else find the "Teddy Bear Memorial" just a tad freaky??
Not really, Liam. We live in Oklahoma City where we have long fences filled with Teddy Bear memorials for the Murrah Building bombing.
A little church football humor today for ya. As you know the bears played the Saints for the NFC championship today.

In church (catholic for what it is worth) we had a baptism. We used apostles creed as a questioning confirmation. Do you believe... we do.

When the priest (an avid bears fan) got to the "communion of saints" and we said "we do" he said uh oh and paused long enough to make everyone wonder what he forgot. Then he said, "today, that is a hard one."
Actually that cloud is a bit more freaky than you might think at first.
It is a lenticular lee wave cloud. Most lenticulars form over the top of a mountain or plateau as the windward side pushes moisture up over the top. Winds inside such clouds are generally 300 mph or more. The cloud is actually constantly forming on the windward edge and disolving on the lee edge giving the appearance of a stationary cloud. BUT, when the winds are very strong and the landscape on the lee side of the obstructive object is warm and flat for long distances there may be a series of waves created at the level of cloud formation. Thus the lenticulars can form scores of miles from the obstruction (mountain) on the lee side.
Now here is the FREAKY part. Sometimes a weather front or an inversion will cause those wave crest within which the lenticular is forming to move. Rarley, but on occasion, they can move or ripple very fast (remember it is 300 mph up there). When they do that you get a large lenticular shape cloud moving at high speed while the clouds that may be above or below it are not moving at all.
I've seen that weather phenomena twice. Once in Owens Valley California, and once East of Denver. In the Owens Valley it was at night, in full moolight in an otherwise cloudless sky. I was on a field trip with a group of professional geographers and we all knew what it was and why it was there and what it was doing. Never-the less it made my gonads tingle.
Oh, yes and when the wave ripples, the lenticular can break up into several smaller lenticulars and move away. Now, I haven't seen that one yet.
I read an article once by some "UFO expert" who claimed these kinds of clouds were manufactured by Aliens to hide their spaceships behind while observing us puny humans during the daytime.

And I've been to Graceland. You want to see teddy bear memorials? Nothing like a memorial to a singer who had a big hit with "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear".
Awesome, Drlobo.
Dude, if you're going to skip church to watch a Mel Gibson movie, watch Lethal Weapon or, even better, Signs...

Dan, that is the scariest move I have ever seen. I watched it on my own TV in my own living room, on an afternoon, with Bird -- and it still scared the crap out of me.

I watched "The Making of 'Signs' " and *it* scared the crap oit of me!

I hate that movie. In fact, this stupid post and the UFO talk had me thinking of "Signs" at the worst possible time two of the past three nights: About 3 a.m. when I awake in the "wee" hours.

Wasn't "Signs" a docudrama?
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