Saturday, January 06, 2007


Intensive care

:::UPDATE::: 8:25 p.m.
Damn. Mama ER had a small stroke a little after 5 p.m. Dr. ER was with her and says she saw it happen. CAT scan showed no hemorrhage in the brain, which is good. Doc said it would be two or three days before anyone could tell the exact nature of what happened, but it probably was a clot that went from her new-and-improved heart to her brain. Slight movement in her left hand; left face-drop; no movement in left foot; but she responds to pain in the left limbs. She was alert and looking around when I got here to the hospital; she couldn't talk. Now, she's asleep but trying to cough and not having much luck at it. Dr. ER has gone home to get some stuff and is going to stay with her tonight. I'm here for the time being.


I went to Stillwater today, 50 miles away, to haul Bird and YankeeBeau a couch. It was in my home office taking up useful book space. Saw an old friend at The Hideaway, famous pizza joint.

Little Big Sister came up to see Mama ER today. Big Brudder talked to Mama on the phone a litrle.

Back at the house, I walked in, went out and fed the dogs, took a call from Dr. ER checking in, then took a call from a nurse.

Mama ER is being moved to intensive care. Not recovering from last night's "procedure" as well as had been hoped. That means she gets one-on-one care again, not one-on-four. Dr. ER, on her way there anyway, has been alerted to the room change.

I buried the lead just now, as we say in the news business.


We always manage to find your point, no matter how well you bury it. I will continue to pray for Mama ER.
Good luck ER ... Snerd
O Lord, my God,
grant us your peace; already, indeed, you have made us rich in all things!
Give us that peace of being at rest,
that sabbath peace,
the peace which knows no end.

St. Augustine
E.R., I'm so sorry to hear of the latest. For some reason Blogger wasn't updating when I refreshed, so I've just now seen this. Renewed prayers going up for your Mama.
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