Thursday, January 18, 2007


Another day another damn 'procedure'

:::UPDATE::: Mama ER was in and out, presto change-o. Waiting now for the doc to come talk to me. If nothing unusual occurred, this is it for the night.

By the way, I found out just yesterday, after a neurologist checked her out, that Mama ER also has homonymous hemianopsia -- the loss of half the vision in both eyes. In her case, because the stroke was on the right side of her brain, the vision loss is on the left side of both eyes. :::END UPDATE:::


Surgical challenge of the moment for Mama ER: tracheostomy.

They'll come get her any minute now. It's usually not a real big deal, but everything is a real big deal for Mama ER these days.

Timeline update: Caseworker told me earlier that she didn't expect Mama ER to be released from this hospital before 30 days. She's so weak now, it will take every bit of that, she said, to get her strong enough to be moved anywhere.

In the meantime: Still dealing with staph, and her lungs are stilll not as clear as they need to be.

At least the trach will give her mouth a break and let her speak, very very very very very minimally, when she has the energy.


I saw this shortly after you posted but Google wouldn't let me reply then. I'm glad you got an update from the caseworker -- sometimes they are your best ally in the long fight and the ones who will tell you the truth about stuff. Hoping all went well with the tracheostomy and that there are no further complications.
hillbilly prayers aloft for all
of you. God's strengh to all.
How common is MRSA at this hospital?
Drlobo, I don't know.
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