Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The adage is true ...

No news is good news re: Mama ER.

Heart in good shape. Kidneys in good shape. Staph is being treated. Still responsive but weak as a kitten.

My hope is to get back to where all we have to worry about is stroke rehab -- because, as arduous as it is, it's workable.

Updates as events warrant.


I'm glad you at least let us know that the adage is true. I've been checking back often to see how she's doing.

Your mama, you, and your family continue to be in my prayers.
That is all good, ER.

Hope you're staying warm.
I've been checking in on you -- not sure if you've seen me in my referrers or not. I'm glad Mama ER is still hanging in there, and very sorry that Dr. ER can't see her. It's wonderful that the two of them have such a good relationship. Mothers-and-daughters-in-law can be a sticky wicket, as you probably know.
Thanks, Clancy! Long time no see ... :-)

Dr. ER and Mama ER have their own thing going. For the past several years, until now, Dr. ER probably had spent more time with Mama than I had; she'd stop by and see her, spend the night sometimes, when to'ing and fro'ing to this or that conference or meeting.
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