Thursday, December 28, 2006


YankeeBeau car conks! Bird afoot! Dr. ER Daddy to the rescue! Holiday delayed!

:::UPDATE. This just in: Dr. ER Daddy is gonna haul 'em up here and we can have Christmas after all!

Sigh. Christmas at the ER household may be delayed again.

Hey, anticipation is the thing anyway, isn't it? :-)

And there's a TV bowl game involved! Oklahoma State versus 'Bama!

I am giving Mama ER a vacation from me today. She got moved into a suite yesterday evening, when her main doc came in and declared her room too dark and small.

Dude. It's like a Homewood Suites suite (best chain hotels out there) with medical equipment.

Mama ER has, indeed, moved on up to a dee-luxe apartment in the sky! And, she continues to get better, a wee bit at a time.


I don't know where my post went in Blogworld. But to summarize, it amounts to a WOOT!
What's a WOOT?
It's kind of like a "woo hoo" but you say it while raising both hands into the air.
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