Tuesday, December 26, 2006


When doo doo is an improvement

Brudder, who is now in his own hospital bed about 40 miles south of here, called and was talking to Mama ER on the phone. He asked her how she felt.

(You know, I'm so worn out right now -- Mama ER would say felt like somethin' the cat drug up -- I'm not sure whether he asked her, or I did.)

Anyway, she said:

"I feel like doo doo."

ER: "Mama, you probably don't remember, but trust me, doo doo is an improvement over how you've felt the past few days."

Mama ER: "I feel like s(h)it." (She does, actuallly, mask the "h" sound.)

ER: Well, things are *still* lookin' up!"

Right now, she is very uncomfortable, sitting up in a chair on her sore bobo. I feel particularly helpless when she begs me to help her, and I can't. I know it hurts, Mama.

Darvocet on the way!

As for Brudder: His is a recently ongoing thing. Serious, but not critical.

I swear if one more person in my immediate family winds up in a dadgum hospital bed, I'm runnin' off to Cabo.

Just kidding.


Hey man,

Sorry to hear about the family. Merry (belated) Christmas.
So Bro ER will be added to the list. Thanks for the visit. I, too, read A Christmas Carol every pre-Christmas, and this year was no exception - I finished the afternoon on Christmas eve. I don't smoke, and the weather in northenr Illinois doesn't permit sitting on the porch, so I sit in the room with the tree, with soft Christmas music playing - preferably something classical.
God's blessings on you.
Gosh, dang it. Would someone get
in a hospital I can get to!!!!
Please tell your sweet little
momma I would come and visit but
I can't seem to get a way.

As for brudder, it is about da--
time he got to the hospital. I
was about ready to drag him myself.

Let me know how every one is.
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