Thursday, December 07, 2006


'What ... were we thinking?'

LUSAKA, Zambia -- Only hours after assuming control of the deeply troubled country in a bloody coup, members of the United Deliverance Front admitted Monday that they might have made a "huge mistake" by seizing power in Zambia.

"After months of combat, the United Deliverance Front has this morning taken command of one of Africa's most beleaguered nations, installing itself as the supreme ruler over 11 million desperate, ailing, and angry citizens," UDF leader and new head of state Uwimana Kowrt said.

"Dear Jesus, what the hell were we thinking?"

Read all about it.

Here's hoping the Dems don't feel the same way come January.


P.S. Bird could feel a disturbance in the force today. Her step-ER will be in Stillwater on bidness for a while, but with no time to see her or YankeeBeau. :-(

P.P.S. The link is to The Onion. :-)

Kind of like Robert Redford in 'The Candidate', "What do we do now"?
That was 34 years ago and we still don't know how to answer.
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