Thursday, December 21, 2006


'Too pooped to pop'

The headline is a Mama ERism. And it's me today.

Had a little normalcy last night by going to supper with Dr. ER and another couple. Apparently, in my distracted, busy, not-sleeping-enough state, and dieting besides, four measley drinks over the course of three hours with supper will kick my butt.

YAWN. Plus, I had to go to the workplace and back today, despite this 'puter, because there still is a thing or two that I have to do AT WORK.

One involves paper, as in page proofs that I mark up by hand with a red pen. The other has to do with my comfort level when I do a certain story I do monthly if not more often, which involves so many timeses and gasentas -- and liberal use of the Percent Change Calculator -- that I just need to be in a real comfortable place.

Mama ER updates:

Platelet count peaked at 80,000 last night and was back to 76,000 this morning. Onward and upward!

They increased her intake of Pulmocare from 40 ml to 45 ml per hour, which, her nurse said, will give her enough calories to keep her healthy.

Of course, she STILL NEEDS TO EAT! Dr. ER just brought her some buttermilk, at my request. (Dr. ER abhors buttermilk and would not have thought of it; I like buttermilk, especially with cornbread, Fritos or popcorn -- just like Mama ER does, as a matter of fact). Mama passed on it, but asked that it be put in the icebox for this little part of the hospital.

I brought Mama ER a pretty Thomas Kinkade calendar so I could show her what day it is every day and we can countdown the days to Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I'm going to a 9 p.m. communion service, but before that, I plan to track Santa Claus for her using the official NORAD Santa-tracking Web site.

Oh, yesterday they brought Mama ER a goody basket -- fruit, snack crackers, bottle of water and stuff -- because they felt so bad for poking her so many times trying to draw blood. I told the tech that he oughta avoid the oil bidness, he drilled so many dry holes! The truth is Mama ER's veins are dang hard to stick, something I inherited.

A nurse just told me they might actually get results of the California blood test back tomorrow. If not, it'll be after Christmas. I know it's called an "SRA Hit test" but I don't really know what the test is looking for.

Es todo for now.


Well as the medicalisimo say the SRA is the gold standard test for HITT. Without doubt they are already treating her for this, The SRA just confirms for sure what is going on. Now you know where I got my M.D., same place I got my law degree, but I've seen HITT in some of my own people after open heart surgery and he survived, thrived, and lived a another decade after that. But now I see why Mamma ER is being kept there for a bit longer.
You all remain in our prayers this holiday season. My wife's father is similarly ailing and may not pull through - it's a tough time of year to deal with such problems and we must need lean on one another more than ever.

Merry Christmas.
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