Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Poe paree, po Paris, peaux pari, potpourri

Tids and bits:

Mama ER got moved to a less-intensive-care room this morning. Brudder ER, who had to be in Norman for his own checkup today, came by to see her -- not easy, since where Mama ER is is almost 50 miles north of where Brudder ER needed to be. But they both were tickled to see one another.

Last night, Dr. ER, a girl, took Mama ER some girly things that us hairy-legged boys would've never thought of: a lipstick, compact, a little makeup, things like that. ... I got her a pair of reading glasses at the Walgreens this morning, since she left hers at home in the rush.

Which reminds me: Most of the people in the hospital Mama ER is in are there by deliberate decision; she is there for emergency surgery, basically. That's just an observation. I think the cardio-rehab people are saying things to her that aren't true for her, but usually are for other patients -- talking about her going home soon, when she probably will not go home for several days.

Oh! Woo hoo! The scrip I was at Walgreens to pick up was a lil diet pill. Went to my own doc's for a checkup yesterday and weighed in -- and I've lost 15 pounds since Oct. 25.

That puts me at 279, down from 294. I'm aiming for 250.

Here's what I'm doing:

Monday through Thursday, either I eat no breakfast or I eat a small bowl of cereal or a fruit; I take a diet pill between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.; skip lunch; eat an apple or other fruit in mid-afternoon if I want one; then I eat a 6-inch Subway low-fat sandwich, or somethign similar, and some baked chips or something, with water or no-cal tea.

Friday, I eat a normal lunch and splurge for supper: Plate of ribs, a pizza, fried chicken or something else I love.

Saturday and Sunday I just eat normally -- but take care not to eat stuff like on Friday, which is how I got to 294 pounds in the first place.

More substantive -- and probably controversial -- blogs to come. Hits are down! :-)


Glad Mama ER's doin' OK. I'd really like to meet Brudder ER, just to witness the similarities and differences you two share.

Enjoyin' the heck out of these posts. Sorry nobody else is.
We're still reading but give us some credit! We're not going to raise the usual heck while we're praying for your mother's recovery, for goodness sake. You've got your choice: we can talk to you or talk to God for you. HA! Take that.
LOL Trixie!

Some of us read but don't always comment. ;)
I'm glad your mom is doing better. She and your family will remain in my prayers.
Thanks, all.

I didn't mean *comments* were down! Hits. The counter thing lets me log in and see how many hits per days if I want to. I was showing Dr. ER how to do that the other day and saw that hits were down. :-)
Well, you still can't blame me. I check in two to four times a day. :)
glad everything is going well.
happy happy thoughts for you.
"hits are down", Oh, I thought you ment since your mama was around you had cut back smoking the stuff for a while.
Ha ha.

10 years, 3 months.
Hey you tricked me. i thought you were getting into poltics in my neck of the woods. I'd bet that keep you up at night. Fun stuff though

Glad Mama ER is doing better. Still think about you and her some
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