Saturday, December 02, 2006


Note the date, Sooner fans

Overheard in the hospital corridor last night at about 8:45 p.m.:

"I would never ever say this to any other person, under any other circumstances, ever, but 'Go Sooners.' "

--ER, to Mama ER's heart surgeon, who was a Sooner football player under Barry Switzer back in the day, and who had just hugged Dr. ER, him wearing a faded OU sweatshirt, her wearing a new Oklahoma State hoodie -- a sight to see.

Mama ER is on minimal machinage and such, but remains on a ventilater and probably will until tomorrow, her nurse says. Her doc came by to see her before going to jump in a plane to go to Kansas City to see the Oklahoma-Nebraska Big 12 championship game.

A happy doctor being a not-distracted doctor, I say again: Go Sooners!

But don't get used to that.

And, Go Hogs! Sooooooooiiiiiieeeeeeeee! Arkansas! Razorbacks! Tonight it's also Arkansas and Florida in the Southeastern Conference champeenship.


Hee hee!
Your mom remains in my prayers, dude.

And I'll forgive you for the "Go Sooners."

This once.
I just threw up.
football...nonsense..OU's goin to the Taco Bowl? Sounds like a dip.

Good to hear that mamma ER is on the mend now. Good vibes out to her and to your brother as well. Your momma will do fine, after all she's got all that Karma saved up from raising you.
Ya got a point about the karma.

On the other thing: I've come to accept that you somehow in your socialization you just didn't "get" the football lessons.

Football fosters community. Which, come to think of it, might be 'zactly why you don't "get" it, ya dang outlier! :-)
The SEC Championship was a great game. The Razorbacks did not prevail but...there's...(cough, cough)...always next year.

I'm glad Mamma's doing well.
Thanks, man.
Outlier, you betcha! Anti-social and dang proud of it!
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