Monday, December 18, 2006


My Little Nephew

... has arrived from Dallas.

He is the oldest son of Big Big Sister, about four years older than me.

I've always said that I figured that when he got news of my arrival, in 1964, he ran to kindergarten and announced, "I have a new baby uncle!"

When I was 11 or so, at a big family reunion -- back when the ER family's reunions made for a story in the home county paper -- I jumped up on a dining room chair and put my arm around his tall shoulders and announced to all within earshot:

"This is my little nephew."

He got so embarrassed and pissed, as any 15-year-old would. But it's been a running joke just about ever since.

He spent some time with Mama ER tonight. Major blessing for all concerned, especially since I was unable to be there much for her today, partly working to arrange for the ability to spend more time with her every day for the next week.

Oh, I got permission from one of Mama ER's docs to "sneak" her in an ice cream of some kind tomorrow, and a hamburger from a local drive-in. Woo hoo! She is eating so little than *anything* she eats is good for her.

My Little Nephew and I also are close brothers in Christ. So we've spent the evening catching up on the work of God in our lives. And, well, sharing a drink. :-) He is in the other room plucking on a banjo and will spend the night, then go with me to see Mama ER in the morning before he goes back to Texas.

A real good time.

Mama ER platelet count: 49,000.


A good report all around. And I can tell you, nothing tastes as good to a patient as "smuggled" food. My mom really devoured a pimentio cheese sandwich I snuck into her when she couldn't stand the offerings at the hospital.
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