Friday, December 29, 2006


My goose is raw!

Cooking a goose on my trusty Weber kettle grill tomorrow. No one in the ER household has ever cooked, or eaten goose. Call it a wild hare -- ar ar.

The 8.5-pound fowl cost 40 bucks at a hoity-toity grocery store in OKC. Free-range goose, it is.

Yesterday, per instructions in the "New York Times Cookbook," I scalded the puppy for 1 minute in fast-boiling water, then put in the fridge, nekkid, in a big pan, for 24 to 48 hours. This, the book said, is to let the skin dry, so it'll get crispy as it cooks.

So, onto the grill it'll go over indirect heat, for about three hours. I can find no mention of basting goose; maybe it has so much oil -- a quart or more per 10 pounds -- it doesn't need basting, especially if you want the skin to be crispy.

We're gonna have salt potatoes, baked sweet taters and YankeeBeau's famous lemon steamed brocolli. Oh, and a bread stuffing with green apples and sausage (a NYT Cookbook recipe).

I told Mama ER I'd bring her some goose to eat tomorrow night and she made a "yuck" face. :-)

Suddenly, I want to read "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle."

Mama ER apparently has a leak. They drew a bunch of fluid out from around a lung for the third time today. If it doesn't stop, they're going to treat it somehow, but the doc said it won't require another surgery.

About the odd pic: It's the closest I could find to a raw goose on the 'Net! :-)


that pic is freaking me out, man!

never cared much for goose, nor duck, neither. a lot of work for so little reward.

gimme flightless foul any day.

whaddya 'spose penguine tastes like? first person to say "tastes like chicken" gets popped in the gob!

Kevron, that's hysterical.

ER, that's just plain nasty lookin'. I hope the real deal comes out better than that!
Ya know, I didn't notice until I put it up that that's a thumb tack!
If your little goose is that little, it won't take long to cook it!
Last year the wife and I did goose for Christmas dinner. It was good, not great, but the prep was a pain. All that draining of fat - even a medium sized goose is gonna require a whole lot of siphoning. Good luck, and don't get freaked out by the dark breast meat. It looks like chicken until you cut into it.
PS: Since you have cats, let me add, boil the giblets, cut some small chunks of the liver and watch them dive in! Slice a bit for yourself. It isn't farm-ready foie gras, but it is delicious.
That's the advantage of cooking it on the grill; the grease jusdt drains down into the drip pan; and with the bird on a roast rack, I can don my welder's gloves and tilt the whole thing over to drain the grease from the cavity.

And I accidentally rurned the giblets! They were in the bad in the sink when I poured the scalding water out -- and I forgot they were there so I just poured the hot water right on topp of them. Grrr.

Cat. Singular. One is enough. :-)
I hope it tastes better than the free-range turkey we had a few years back. Blech.

I've had duck, but not goose. I'll be waiting to hear what you think. :)
I do believe that your term fowl is most appropriate for this bird. I took a gander at the picture and wondered if that was a giant tack or tiny goose. Speaking of which, be it a goose or be it a gander? You are a country boy, how do you tell?
I have the entire canon of Holmes and would be pleased to lend the story to you. I suggest however you check the tape out of the local library (the Jeremy Brett version).
This also reminds me of the final scene in The Christmas Story. Also reminds me that I never did get my Red Neck point I earned a while back.
I looked up "plucked goose" on google to see from wince came the picture. Dang!
So then I tried "naked goose".
Holy shit!
So I did it one more time and put in the red neck version, "neked goose". It kicked me over to "necked goose" in which all entries were proceeded with the word "long".
Never did find that picture.
I think I found it by searching for:

raw goose

Or maybe just:

Oh yeah. Search for:

raw goose

Under Google Images.
"raw goose"?
Now that does conjure.
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