Saturday, December 30, 2006


My goose is cooking!

It's been on the grill just shy of one hour. It'll take three. Got a late start. It'll be dark before I get it done. We're lookin' at a sit-down time of 7 p.m., looks like.

Pairing: Angeline pinot noir, Mendocino County, ought-5.

Mama ER was doin' purdy good, considering, this morning.

Her dang feeding tube was stopped up when I got there. They tried two or three different things to unstop it, since removing it and replacing it would be invasive and would suck. A tech popped up and said, "Let me try something."


Coke is it? Just "It"? It's the nector -- and feeding tube cleanser -- of the gods!

Mama ER ate some cake brought by Big Big Sister, who is visiting today with her husband, my brother-in-law, Mr. Big Big Sister. :-)

Off to add briquets to the fire!


Turned out real good. Took 3 hours exactly. Virtually all the grease dripped away -- counting that which I tipped out of the cavity trice.

Very beef-like, as I'd been led to expect. Fed four of us with just a tad left over. Had two kinds of dresing with it, plus salt potatos and lemon steamed broccoli.
And most of the skin turned out crispy and muy bueno.

And the pinot noir was just right.

And there's just enough left for me to take some to Mama ER for her to make a face at! :-)
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