Friday, December 08, 2006


Much to ER's Surprise, Mama ER can still SURPRISE him

Dr. ER here again as a guest blogger and pain-induced insomniac....

I forgot to mention in my earlier guest post a hilarious interchange between Mama ER and ER himself, right before he left us girls to hang out for the evening:

Mama ER: "So, do I get to go home tomorrow?"

ER: "No, mama, you don't."

A beat [I learned this bit o' jargon from reading screenplays].

Mama ER (with an impish twinkle in her eyes): "Sh*t!!!"

ER: "My mama's cussin'! My mama said the "S" word! My mama said the "S" word!"

Dr. ER loved the entire interchange and loves it when Mama ER cusses and her sons pretend to be shocked, just shocked by it!

Sounds like she's approaching 100% again.

Great news!

We know where the son gets his attitude, don't we?
I've never met Mama, but I'm enthralled with every detail of her recovery.

Thanks Dr. ER. The blog has really improved of late! ;^)
It do run in the fambly, D.Dad. ... She's sort of had it hard today. Hope springs eternal, tho.

3DD: Hard de har har har. :-)
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