Monday, December 18, 2006


Merry Christmas to all!

Don't none of y'all ever say I never gave ya nothing. Click on it to get yer own. And there's a smaller version down there in the sidebar. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Thanks for the gift. I had a chance to meet my girlfriend's parents last night (two nice folks from Denny Hastert's district, actually), and hear a couple of life-long Republicans talk about why they didn't vote the party line, this time.

And yes: I turned thirty-six on Saturday, which is why I didn't write back on that other thing sooner. Everybody wanted to see me drunk, or something.

Turns out I've already seen "The God Who Wasn't There", by the way. It's pretty interesting: a guy who was raised evangelical who isn't anymore, and explores his own feelings on the subject, as well as historical perspectives on who Jesus might have been.

And the ongoing debate about what exactly The Holy Spirit is, since denying it is a sin even less forgivable than denying God or Christ.

A friend of mine who was raised Catholic says he figures that the Holy Spirit is actually the Human Spirit, and to deny it is an act of self negation.
I dunno. Nice theory, though.
Thanks! It's just what I wanted (although, I'd prefer it in something about 600 days smaller...)
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ooops. I mean about 770 days smaller...
How utterly depressing that he still has 673 days to bring the end of days to fullfillment. Thanks a bunch ER for the reminder.
You know when some "prophets" think God is a might slow they tend to do things to hurry it along a bit. In this the Chimp worries me.
The counter IS a bit depressing. That seems like an awful lot of days to me.
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