Sunday, December 17, 2006


Mama ER: Day 16 after surgery

Mama ER platelet count this morning: 46,000. Goal: Between 125,000 and 400,000.

They put a small feeding tube in this afternoon, and the nourishment made a difference within hours. She hasn't been eating much at all. With the energy comes restlessness and more confusion, impatience, anger, a little lashing out.

ALL to be expected.

Keep those prayers and good vibes coming. Long row ahead, still.

Hitting the hay now. I'm going in to work in the morning to do some things that *have* to be done.

They're supposed to be getting me a laptop. With one, I can do virtually everything I need to do for work from her room. She does better with someone she knows close by.

Without a laptop, I will be taking the week off, which will suck for my coworkers over the already-stressful and busy holidays. If they don't come up with one at work very soon, I'll find a way to buy one of the damn things myself.


Oh yes, a laptop would be a godsend for you right now, especially if you have a wireless connection at the hospital! Not that you'd be expected to carry a 100 percent load right now -- that is asking too much. But you could do enough to keep yourself occupied during the slow times while still being there as an assist to your mom. A very helpful "in-between" situation.

Prayers still being sent up and thankful to see those platelet numbers coming back up. Keep being patient with the way things are going.
I'm so glad the feeding tube is helping. The rest is like the itch under the cast--lets you know the healing is happening.
Feeding tubes are a real bummer. I know you and Dr. ER are watching over your Mamma as best you can. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as struggle continues.
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