Saturday, December 16, 2006


Major NASCAR faux pas

Hoot! A gal who does some writing for me and is on a book tour picked up something she thought I'd dig, knowin' that I'm a NASCAR fan and all.

Framed, matted portrait of my favorite driver, Kevin Harvick? Nope.

Framed, matted portrait of my close-second-favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Nah.

Picture of one of the greats, like the King himself. Uh-uh.

Dale Sr.? Not a chance.

Sitting at my desk this morning when I came in to the office to get caught up on some work was a framed, matted portrait of Jimmy "Jeffy's Boy" Johnson! I was stunned. The only thing more startling would've been same of Jeff "E.Poo" Gordon.

After I got over the shock, and called Bird, on her way to Houston from the ER house with her YankeeBeau to spend a week with his parents, to hoot and holler about it, then called Dr. ER at home to hoot and holler over it some more, I realized the fun I could have with it:

Pink Sharpie, lacey blouse, curls in his hair.


Mama ER's platelet count was 39,000 this morning.

Off to see her and Little Big Sister, who is supposed to come out today.


It's all NASCAR, so what's wrong with the winningest racer, Jeff Gordon, being on your mantle.

Tee hee hee
Ha ha. :-) It's all college football, so what's wrong with the Sooners ... I can't go on. :-)
Oh Dang! Does this mean that the die cast 1:24 NASCAR car Number 48 that I picked up in North Carolina at a Lowes when Jimmie Johnson was signing them is not welcome as your Christmas present? Good thing I hadn't mailed it yet. AMVETs is coming around Monday, so I'll put it in the donation sack.
Say, your not hinting that Jeff and Jimmie have a thing are you?
You don't really think that two gay guys could top the NASCAR charts over the strong maschismo types like Number 3 and his ilk do you? Or is it the prissy syndrom that causes you heartburn? I'll bet you that not one of NASCAR's top 20 drivers have had grease under their manacured fingernails in over a decade. I don't think these NASCAR guys are gay. Narcissism seeks not girls nor boys, self is enough.
OK, ER, it was sorta funny. 'Cept football's a sport. NASCAR's drivin' fast and turnin' left. I've seen better drivers than Jimmie Johnson on the Dallas freeway, and they don't get financial backing for their "rubbin'" marks. :-)

So, yes, I hate the Sooners, but if I got a free sideline pass to the Fiesta Bowl, and all I had to do was wear an OU sweatshirt, I'd don the damn maroon thing and watch a, hopefully, good football game, with Boise State winning. (Of course, I'd have my K-State shirt on underneath it. :-) )

If you got free tix for Talladega for wearin' a Jeffy outfit, would ya do it? You could drink Budweiser and have your No. 8 tattoo on underneath. :-)
i'm reminded of a scene from the 40 year old virgin:

"i mean, seriously, asia? you framed an asia poster? how hard did the people at the frame store laugh when you brought this in?"

Junior has has grease under his nails. Mark Martin, too, I'd bet. Some of the other oldtimers.

Jeffy Poo and Jimmie Poo -- so lableled because they seem to be garden-variety sissyboys, not gay -- represent a bigger thing that pistons me off: NASCAR is losing its soul as it makes money and gains popularity.

And Teditor, I'm trying to wrap my brain around the idea of me bein' at Talladega with a Jeff Gordon shirt on. I'd probably have my ass handed to me. Talladega's a rough crowd, and they loves Dale Jr., who is the antithesis of Jeffy and Jimmie.

And if that last sentence ain't classic erudite-redneck, I don't know what is. :-)
Ya done cracked me up, in an erudite and redneck sorta way. Thanks, ER.
ER said: NASCAR is losing its soul..." Say, so long as they are already losing their sould maybe they should trade it in on the the DVD you mention last blog.
Mark Martin: "Who'd you expect? Bob Dole?"
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