Sunday, December 03, 2006


Living water

The ER's have water in the kitchen again! Yippee! So the dishes are getting caught up.

Thursday night at about 10:30, Dr. ER and I noticed water in the kitchen floor in front of the sink. I opened the doors to the cabinet below to find everything wet.

Dr. ER promptly slipped and FELL ON HER HIP, the other one, thank God, and apparently caused no damage, thank God, because, thank God, she is proceeding nicely in healing her other hip from falling almost a year ago while looking at Christmas lights in Texas.

But, Lordy, I saw her falling in slow motion with one side of my brain, with the other side fast-forwarding through almost a year of recovery, doctor visits, physical therapy, being off from work, pain, emotions and everything else that comes with longterm healing.

When she landed, she lay there like a slug -- "it was her only defense" (name the movie and the circumstances for a rare Holiday ER Point!)

Actually, she laughed, not because she knew for sure she was all right, but because you have to laugh when life's troubles become farcical -- which, the night before Mama ER's surgery, a kitchen problem and another fall on the other hip seemed to be:

Too much! A farce, I tell ya! Gotta laugh to keep from crying.

So, this afternoon, between trips to see Mama ER, after two trips to Lowe's, I've repaired the water problem, which -- and I should be embarrassed, but what the hey -- was this:

Apparently, our kitchen sink has a water purification system. Huh. Turns out that's what the two plastic things that look like Thermoses, attached to the left wall of the cabinet under the sink -- turns out those are housings for filters. Huh. Turns out that the filters are supposed to be replaced every six months.

Turns out we never noticed that when we moved in this house in November 1999. So what happened was the filters finally got so full of minerals and gunk and stuff they finally just had enough and one of 'em, like, caused the housing to start leaking.

It's fixed now. Less than $20, not counting the gas to Lowe's and back twice.

I'll bet the coffee maker quits stopping up so fast. Shoot, the water might even taste better.

"Didn't we have a problem like that in the refrigerator?" Bird asked on the phone.

"Maybe," ER said. "Well, yeah, I guess so. The filter on the icemaker. We're really not good at some things."

"Y'all suck at filters," Bird said.

Out of the mouths of Birds. :-)

Mama ER update: Still on the ventilator when I was there after church today. She recognized me. I'm going back in a little bit.

Prayer of Confession at this church:

"Lord of Life, there are times when we think things cannot get worse, and the apocalyptic text of the Bible seems disturbingly relevant. But it is at precisely such times that the prophets ask us to envision a different future -- one that has God in mind. Not because of what the evidence points to, but so that we can begin to change the evidence. Advent is about waiting and hoping -- for what has been and what will be. We won't just curse the darkness. We'll light the candles. In Christ's name we pray, Amen."


"We won't just curse the darkness. We'll light the candles."

Wow. I love that.

Glad your Momma is doing so well. I'm keeping her in my prayers.
Oh my! I'm so glad Dr. ER is okay! (I'm glad she laughed, too.)

Maybe you should get a tickler file or set up email reminders (something--ANYTHING) to remember those filters. ;)
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.... Just counting up ...

How about furnace filters? Any better at that than the water ones?

I displayed a flash of creative repair last week. My washer has always drained to a floor drain in the garage, but of course it floods all the time. After 10+ years I decided that I could rig up something to stop the flooding -- so I have an outdoor garbage can that I cut a small hole in, then put a length of 3/4-inch aquarium hose into at the bottom. Washer drain hose goes in the garbage can, then the water drains out the bottom into the floor drain. Wah-la, I've avoided the cost of a utility sink. For now.
Still thinking ans praying for you and yours
I don't think there's been a self-repair job in history where you only go to Lowe's ONCE.

Glad to hear Dr. is OK; I'll keep up prayers for your Mama.
Lay there like a slug: Randy in the "Christmas Story". A cult classic and not so rare anymore. The NEHI lamp is big time collectable these days.

So I've been saying don't slip on the ice, I guess I should of added don't slip on the water as well.

Glad to here Dr. ER skipped the bullet this time and that Mamma ER is at the teeth back in stage.

Ya'll try and stay upright.
""Lord of Life, there are times when we think things cannot get worse, and the apocalyptic text of the Bible seems disturbingly relevant. But it is at precisely such times that the prophets ask us to envision a different future...."


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